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Tips for Finding a Summer Job

Jun 02, 2017

When you are in university, or saving up for university, one way to make sure that you can afford all the costs that come with it is by working a summer job. Summer break is a great time to save up as much as possible, but also to learn and grow in whatever job you choose. Oh and of course, you want it to be somewhat enjoyable too – it is summer after all!

Here are some tips to find a job that will make your summer great:

  1. Think about your goals. Is the goal of having a summer job to make a lot of money? Learn a new skill? Get work experience in your career field? This will help narrow down your search field and make it easier to decide between jobs.
  2. Talk to people you know. Often when you are applying for jobs, its more about who you know than what you know. Talk to friends and family and let them know what kind of job you are on the hunt for. They may be able to give you some pointers or know people to ask.
  3. Talk to your profs, or teachers. These people might be able to help advise you about job opportunities related to your area of interest, or direct you to job posting resources.
  4. Do an internship. While this is probably not the option you should choose if your goal is to make money, volunteering as an unpaid intern will definitely give you an opportunity to gain work experience – work experience that will be so valuable to you when you are looking for paid jobs in the future.
  5. Start your own business. Love dog walking? Is gardening and yard work something that you enjoy? Talk to relatives, neighbours, and friends to see if there is interest and if you can get any clients. This is a risk, and a lot of work, but it could definitely pay off – and you will learn tons of new skills!

Finding a job can be stressful, especially just for the summer because it is such a short time. But, keep in mind what is most important to you, and hopefully that will help you narrow down your search and find the job that is the right fit for you!



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