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Participating in Black History Month

Feb 15, 2022

Hello everyone,

As many of you may have already know, we commemorate Black history in North America from February 1st until March 1st, every year. Black History Month was created to encourage all Canadians to celebrate the legacy and achievements that Canadians of African descendants have made. We are encouraged to take the time to educate ourselves about Black history and show our support by recognizing the contributions made by Black Canadians throughout history and still being made today. Here are some different ways that we can show our support for our Black Canadian friends:

Supporting Black-owned businesses

Visiting a Black-owned business is a fantastic way to show your appreciation for Black Canadians in our community. There are numerous Black-owned businesses ranging from restaurants, cafes, salons, retail shops, and technology services in Edmonton that you could visit!

Reading books by Black authors

For the book lovers out there, consider purchasing and reading a book written by a Black author! You can also share your favourite book about the story of Black people or a Black author that people could check out!

Supporting Black artists

Share some of your favourite creations made by Black artists to your friends and family! This can include paintings, sculptures, music, films, and exhibits that express and strengthen Black culture.

Watch a documentary about a significant Black historical figure

Watching a historical documentary is an excellent way to educate ourselves about events and significant figures. Choose a Black historical event or figure that you would like to know more about. Then, share the documentary you watched with other people!

Donate to an charities and organizations

You can also show support by donating to a charity or organization that challenges racial injustices and advocates for equity. Here are some Canadian organizations you could look into: Black Women in Motion, Black Youth Helpline, Across Boundaries, The Come Up (Edmonton).

I hope we can all take the time to educate ourselves about Black history and celebrate Black Canadians! If you would like to find out about some of our campus events for this month, please contact our International Student Coordinator - Merna Guirguis.

See you next time,


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