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Restaurants You Must Try in Edmonton

Feb 22, 2022

Hello friends!

If there is one thing you should know about me and one thing I love to share with everyone, it is my love for food! Though not everyone considers eating a hobby, I definitely do, especially going out and trying new kinds of food. With that being said, let me share with you some of my favourite restaurants here in Edmonton.

Baekjeong Korean BBQ House

If you’ve never tried Korean BBQ before, you should definitely check this place out. If you have tried it, I still recommend checking this specific restaurant out! Your table will have it’s own built-in grill where you can cook your own meat, like beef, pork, etc. I think this type of food is definitely something familiar but also unfamiliar since it is a Korean cuisine.

Kabuki Sushi & Grill

This one is for all the sushi lovers out there! There isn’t much to say other than they have some of the best sushi I’ve tried here in Edmonton. You can also get them at a very affordable price, which is even better!

The Three Amigos

If you’ve ever had Mexican food, you’d know that they have the best tacos, especially if you ever have had the ones in Mexico. We obviously can’t have those delicious tacos here in Edmonton, but luckily, there is a Mexican restaurant that I’ve tried and I’d say their tacos are pretty close to what I’ve had down in Mexico. I definitely recommend this one!

The Melting Pot

This one is more on the pricey side, but I think everyone should try this place at least one.It’s a fine dining restaurant where you can enjoy several fondue cooking styles with different broth, cheese and chocolates! It’s such a fun experience and a good place to go on those special occasions.

OEB Breakfast Co.

I personally love breakfast and don’t get me wrong, Denny’s and IHOP are both great, but OEB is a great place to go if you feel like switching it up. They have a great variety on the menu so lots of options to choose from. My personal favourite though would have to be their traditional benny so I recommend giving this one a try.

Well, that’s all I have for now folks! I hope that there are a couple of places that I’ve mentioned that seem appealing to you that you’d like to give a try. It’s also reading week so why not take a break from all the reading and studying you’ve been doing and get some food! If there are any restaurants here in the Edmonton area you love, definitely let me know!

Happy reading week!


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