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Program Feature: Psychology

Apr 22, 2020

The field of psychology covers a broad range of learning and research, which is why it is sometimes classified as a science, and sometimes as an art. The mind is elusive – if it can’t be reduced to the same thing as the brain, where and what exactly is it? By examining a combination of biological processes, cultural and environmental influences, and what human behaviours these factors cultivate, psychologists study how society affects human thought, learning, and action.

The psychology program at King’s can be taken as a major for the 4-year bachelor of arts, and is also available as a minor or concentration for a variety of other degree programs. Alongside classroom learning, psychology students experience practical application through lab exercises, field trips, and volunteer opportunities. Senior students develop their own major research project, and can work intimately with psychology faculty alongside our Community Engaged Research program. At King’s, we’re committed to helping our psychology students discover both how they can make a difference in the world, and in their field.

The course list covers a wide range of interesting topics, allowing students to follow the degree path that they’re most passionate about. Whether you’re interested in human development and courses like Childhood and Adolescence or Adult Development and Aging, or you want to take a thematic approach with topics like Psychology of Religion, Ethology, or Ecopsychology, you’re bound to find something you’re interested in. This broad range of learning topics and research experience prepares our psychology graduates for futures in immediate careers or further education at the post-secondary level.

At King’s, we want students in all fields of study to succeed. Check out our list of scholarships and bursaries that our psychology students may be eligible for.

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