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Program Feature: The Leder School of Business

Apr 01, 2020

As we continue to move into this season of social-distancing, our electronics are quickly becoming our allies in the extra time we have. Aside from scrolling through your Instagram feed, maybe you might also want to dive into the world of stocks and the latest information about the pandemic’s impact on our economics. Following your much-needed nature walk, take the time to feed into your inner businessperson and learn about the ins-and-outs of the business sector. Whether it be sustainable business market performance or the support small business owners are receiving from their government officials. Better yet, what businesses are doing to provide support to those who are more impacted in the wake of the pandemic. If these topics peek your interest, looking into what the Leder School of Business program at King's offers would be a great first step!

The course list consists of a variety of disciplines such as cross-Cultural and Diversity management, management accounting, and management of Information systems. As you can see, the program touches on the various professions that impact the business industry. Not only does the Leder School of Business offer a wide variety of courses to meet various interests, but there are also opportunities to learn outside the classroom. If you want to travel, joining an exchange program in the Netherlands or going on a study tour to Asia would be a great fit. On the other hand, if you are looking to challenge yourself, enrolling in a business case competition with other competitively driven students will also add to your student experience. If you are looking to have a more impactful involvement in the business school community, campaigning to become an executive member of the Leder Business Student Association is where it is at!

Throughout a business student's time at King's, they will develop knowledge in the stream they choose to dive into, whether that be commerce, accounting, small business and entrepreneurship, non-profit and social entrepreneurship, or environmental management. They will not run out of ways to network amongst each other, with the professors, or the rest of the world. Our business students develop a stewardship approach to doing business; they not only learn how to make a business profitable, but they also gain the skills necessary for becoming servant-leaders as Jesus was.

At King’s, we want students in all fields of study to succeed. Check out our list of scholarships and bursaries that our Business students may be eligible for.

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