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Stress-Relieving Rooms on Campus

Mar 29, 2022

Allow me to remind all students that it is so so so important to take some time out of your busy schedules to relax, meditate, and take care of ourselves - especially during finals season! As the never-ending papers and exams pile up from all our classes, many students tend to forget to take 15–30-minute efficient breaks to cool their brains. With that said, let me tell you about the Wellness Room and the Prayer Room that we have right here on campus that are perfect places for relaxation!

Wellness Room

Our Wellness Room - located in the North Academic Building - is designed for any student needing a quiet place to get away from their studies. In this room, you will find myriad resources such as books and brochures that elucidate ways of tackling stress and caring for your mental health. Also, the Wellness Room has tea and coffee available for students to provide extra comfort and peace. This is a fantastic place to visit by yourself or with friends during your study breaks!

Prayer Room

The Prayer Room is in the L-Wing of our campus and can be used by any student, faculty or staff member of any faith. This room is intended for anyone in need of a calm and quiet place to pray, meditate, relax, or self-reflect. Our Prayer Room consists of dim-lighted lamps and comfortable chairs to provide a calming environment. This room is a great place to visit if anyone is feeling stressed and overwhelmed from school, work, relationships, or life in general.

These rooms are open Monday - Friday from 7 A.M. to 11 P.M.! Remind yourself to take breaks between classes or during study sessions and try using these excellent resources on campus!

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