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Summer Entertainment: Must-Have Playlists

Jun 22, 2018

Hello friends!

We officially passed the first day of summer! There are definitely lots of things to do in Edmonton, and most of those things cannot be fully enjoyed without music. This is the second blog post in our Summer Entertainment Essentials Series, and I’m going to help you build your very own Must-Have Playlist…an essential of course! I have some ideas of “must-haves” in your iPod/phone/cassette tapes or whatever else you use to listen to music on!

Must-Have on Playlist #1: The Chill Playlist

Summer is all about de-stressing and going outside to lie in the grass and relax. For this, you need a relaxing playlist with all the music that puts you in a calming mood.

Must-Have on Playlist #2: The Workout Playlist

At some point in the summer you really focus on wanting to better yourself, and one of the ways to do so is to work out. You can’t work out to soft calming music. You need music that hypes you up!

Must-Have on Playlist #3: The “Oldie but a Goodie” Playlist

Everyone’s got to love the old songs that you put on every now and then that are full of good vibes and even your parents can listen to! You know exactly what kind of songs these are.

Must-Have Playlist #4: The Good Vibes Playlist

Sometimes there are days when it gets a little harder to get through the day and you need that extra boost of energy. This is that playlist you will need to get the good vibes flowing.

Must-Have Playlist #5: The Shower Playlist

You and I both know we like to sing in the shower sometimes. It’s okay--there is no need to be embarrassed. This playlist includes all the songs you can just sing along to at the top of your lungs. Like MOANA! Who doesn’t like a good “You’re Welcome” tune? I sure know Dwayne Johnson does!


Now I can go on and on with many other ideas of playlists, but I think that’s well off for you to get started on making your very own! So, what does your playlist look like?                                              

Yours truly,


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