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Tips for Commuter Students

Aug 01, 2016

Hey King's!

Just as there is a transition period when you move into Residence, there is also a transition period when you become a Commuter Student. 2/3 of King's students are commuters. As a result, there are many events and activities that are focused on making your experience as a commuter student as memorable and enjoyable as possible. Here's my advice on how to have the best possible experience as a commuter student here at King’s!

  1. Take a campus tour: If you haven’t already, take a campus tour so you have a good idea of where everything on campus is located. You can even do a walk-through of where all your classes will be held.
  2. Do a commuting trial run: To make sure that your first day gets off to a good start, do a practice run commuting to campus before your first day of class. Whether that means driving to campus or taking public transit, testing your commute will give you a good idea of what route is best and how long it will take you to get to school – you don’t want to be late for that first class!
  3. Figure out the Edmonton Transit System: King’s has a webpage devoted to getting around in Edmonton by using public transit.
  4. Where to park: King’s has a couple parking options. A huge bonus about King's is that the majority of parking is free! For a free parking spot, I recommend getting to campus at least fifteen minutes before your class starts – but you’ll figure out soon enough which days are the busiest and be able to plan around that. If you don’t want the hassle of finding a spot and/or if you want a plug-in (energized) parking stall for those cold weather days, you can purchase a stall for the low price of $87 per semester (still a great deal)!
  5. Snag a locker: You will definitely want to have some space to store your books, coat, boots and whatever else you bring to school. Lockers are free, and all you have to do is go to your Online Services and register the locker number you would like. Once you’ve registered it in your name, be sure to snap a lock on it so people know it’s taken.
  6. Use the WorkOut Centre: It's free for all students, so don’t pay for a gym membership! The on-campus workout facilities are great because you can easily fit in a workout between classes, and the staff can show you how to use the equipment!
  7. Attend the Student Retreat: The Fall Retreat is for all students, not just those living in Residence. Attend this weekend away to have a great time and make memories and connections with other students.
  8. Check out the numerous commuter events: Monday Musings, Wellness Breakfast the first Wednesday of the month, Wednesday Chill, Last Day Lounge, plus all the other special one-time events…Going to these events are a great way to meet your fellow commuters, plus many of them include free food!

As a student who has lived in Residence and off campus as a commuter, I can say firsthand that there are good things about both, but they can't be compared exactly. One of my favourite things about commuting is that it gives some separation between school and home, plus I love having a little extra space to myself. Here's hoping that you love being a commuter student at King's as much as I do!



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