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Top 5 Places To Visit On Free Admission Day (September 25th)!

Sep 23, 2016
Fort Edmonton Park
Fort Edmonton Park

Hey everyone!

One of the best things about Edmonton is the annual FREE ADMISSIONS DAY. On this glorious day, the City of Edmonton throws open its doors to nearly every facility in town for the general public’s enjoyment.  This year free admissions day falls on September 25th. You may be feeling overwhelmed by all choices, so we’ve narrowed it down to the 5 best places to visit on free admissions day this year.

Edmonton Valley Zoo

The Edmonton Valley Zoo is home to more than 350 wild creatures – from red pandas and lemurs to tigers, sea lions and wolves. With a focus on conservation, you can observe, learn and connect with the animals that call our planet home. Another great thing about the Zoo is that it is open year-round and offers lots of seasonal activities, especially during the winter. My personal favourite animal is the river otter, so be sure to check it out this free admissions day!

Fort Edmonton Park

Located on 158 acres of wooded parkland in the heart of Edmonton’s river valley, Fort Edmonton Park is a historically-themed attraction that offers authentic, fun and memorable ways to experience the past. As you walk back through time, you’ll discover over 150 years of Edmonton’s history, including the fur trade, life with the Hudson’s Bay Company, the pioneer years and the start of city life. Look out for the costumed actors who bring the time periods to life and be sure to ride the steam train and original streetcars.

John Janzen Nature Centre

The John Janzen Nature Centre is your gateway to Edmonton’s River Valley. Take a walk on the “wild side” with programs, events and interactive exhibits designed to promote awareness and engagement with nature. You can even learn how to track wild animals and see how local wildlife has adapted to the four seasons. This attraction isn’t just for the summer months – lots of wildlife and plant life thrives when the weather gets cooler and the snow hits.

John Walter Museum

Learn the history of John Walter, his family and the Strathcona community from 1887 to 1915 at the John Walter Museum. You can take part in traditions that have shaped the Canadian identity and learn about those who came to Canada to work for the Hudson’s Bay Company in 1870 and later became some of Edmonton’s wealthiest citizens. There are both guided and self-guided tours and information stations that explore the everyday life of John Walter, his family and pioneer living.

Muttart Conservatory

Get ready to explore colourful and exotic plant life all the way from Mexico to Madagascar in the Muttart Conservatory's four iconic pyramids. The Tropical displays delicate orchids, weeping figs, towering banana trees and tall palms. The Arid Pyramid contains spiky cacti and other exotic dessert plants. Cool off in the Temperate Pyramid with pampas grass and eucalyptus trees, and be amazed again and again at rotating displays in the Feature Pyramid. Once you’ve finished enjoying the foliage, sit back and relax at Culina Café, which is a classic Edmonton favourite. You’ll find artisan creations like farm-fresh roasted chicken with brie and cranberry chutney, or pumpkin hazelnut soup. Plus you’ll always need to save room for dessert!

Edmonton has so many fun attractions to explore and what better time to do it then on Free Admission Day? This is student living at its finest! City of Edmonton facilities are popula,r so be sure to get there early, take transit where possible, and be patient!

Have wonderful Free Admission Day 2016,


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