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What's Your Study Style? Take Our Quiz and Find Out!

Jan 18, 2016

Hey everyone,

What’s your study style? Are your notes neat or messy? Do you study in silence or with your favourite tunes? Are your assignments turned in on time, late, or not at all? All of your unique habits say something about what kind of student you are; take this quiz to find out what your habits say about you!

1. In your class you generally sit…

a) In the front row where you can hear the prof and take thorough notes.

b) Wherever your friends are sitting.

c) In the back so the prof hopefully won’t notice if you decide to sneak out early.

2. Your class attendance is…

a) Perfect. You never miss a class if you can help it, and feel guilty if you do.

b) Not bad. You go to most classes, but you don’t feel too bad for skipping classes occasionally.

c) Not great. You skip just as many, if not more, classes than you actually attend.

3. Your notes are…

a) Typed or written neatly, and organized to make studying simple.

b) Photocopied from your one of your smartest friends.

c) Covered in doodles and drawings with a few important quotes scattered throughout.

4. Your attitude towards keeping on top of your assigned readings is…

a) Positive; it’s in your schedule and routine every week so that you are always just ahead of class lectures.

b) Mixed; you know that it will help you do well, but you also want to have fun and reading takes up a lot of time.

c) Ambivalent; you don’t do the readings (obviously) so you can’t feel positively or negatively towards them.

5. One of your classmates suggests studying in a group, you…

a) Arrange a time that works for everyone and decide to meet in the library.

b) Tentatively agree because you have to make sure you aren’t doing anything more exciting that night.

c) Suggest going out for coffee or grabbing food instead of studying.

6. Your preferred study area is…

a) The library, or some other place that is silent and distraction free.

b) In front of the TV or while listening to music, otherwise studying gets boring.

c) Nowhere because studying isn’t really that important anyways, right?

7. You spend about ____ hours each week studying…

a) At least 20 hours, more if there’s a midterm or final coming up.

b) 5-10, it’s just enough to keep on top of work but not so much that you can’t have a life outside of school.

c) 1-2 hours on average… and then cram before a final or midterm.

8. To you, studying is…

a) Enjoyable because you know that seeing your grades will make it worth the time.

b) Something that you have to do, but there are about a hundred other things you would prefer to be doing.

c) Absolutely terrible, it’s the absolute worst part about being a student.

9. When its midterms or finals, you are…

a) Confident that your studying will help you succeed.

b) Slightly nervous and hope that most of the questions will be on the material you studied.

c) Freaking out because you thought the midterm was next week, not today.


If you got…

Mostly A’s – You're a book worm.

You get an A+ when it comes to your study habits; your notes are flawless and you are the partner that everyone wants when it comes to group work. Your grades most likely reflect the hard work and dedicated attitude you have towards your education. Remember to make time for friends and for fun non-school-related activities; taking a night off from studying here and there will help keep your spirits high and ensure that your memories of university are more than simply long nights studying.

Mostly B’s – You're a crammer.

You care about your grades and doing well, but you aren’t one to put too much effort into it. You do exactly what is required, but you don’t go above and beyond that because, let’s face it, you would much rather to spend your time hanging out with friends or doing other fun activities. You will do okay in school, don’t get me wrong, but if you spend a little more time doing your readings you might find yourself learning things that you never thought you would find interesting – who knows, your classes may become a whole lot more enjoyable to you as well.

Mostly C’s – You're a slacker.

You will do whatever you can to avoid cracking open your textbooks and your friends probably know you as the procrastinator. While pulling all-nighters may work for a time, you will hit a point in university where cramming last minute doesn’t get you the grades that you would like to achieve. Give your education a chance and try to attend class more often, or think about why you don’t like going to class. If you aren’t enjoying what you’re learning or if you find it’s too hard, talk to your academic advisor; maybe your major isn't the right fit or they can give you some advice about how to get the most out of your education and turn what you enjoy into a career. After all, university prepares you for a large portion of your life; have fun, but remember that there will be plenty of time to relax once you've graduated

Happy studying!


**This quiz has been adapted from Erin Castrucci's article in Montreat College's "A Guide to College and Financial Aid Planning (2009-10 Edition)".

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