External Links

Canadian Psychological Association (CPA): Check under Students-->Resources to find a listing of all CPA-accredited graduate programs in psychology in Canada, and direct links to psychology department websites.

Careers in Psychology:  Learn what you can do with a psychology degree--it's far more varied than you may imagine!

American Psychological Association (APA):  One of two main professional organizations for psychologists in North America.  The focus of this organization leans somewhat toward clinical practice, but the entire field is represented.  APA has multiple divisions for specialized areas in psychology; a good place to learn more about the many ways psychologists do their work!

Association for Psychological Science:  The other main professional organization for psychologists in North American, with a lean toward research in psychology.

Christian Association for Psychological Studies:  The major professional and continuing education organization for Christian psychologists in North America, with a strong leaning toward clinical and counseling practice.

Society for Christian Psychology:  An organization for Christians in psychology with a leaning toward academic/research psychologists.

Social Psychology Network

Neuropsychology Central

Classics in the History of Psychology

National Intitute of Mental Health (NIMH)

Canadian Counselling Association