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Thomas De Jong (Biology concentration)

Get invaluable work experience, and earn credits towards your degree!

A unique feature of our ENVS degree program is the 13-week internship, normally taken in the summer between year 3 and 4. With the ENVS Internship Coordinator's assistance, students are employed in the environmental sector according to their areas of interest and chosen concentration of study.

Read about our most recent work-experience interns below. 

Nov 10, 2020


Junior Forest Ranger (JFR) Sub-Leader

Position Description:

  • Assisted in the direction and supervision of all crew members, work projects, recreational outings and general camp situations
  • Designed a safe, rewarding work, and educational program schedule
  • Projected and conducted maintenance and inventory inspections of all equipment
  • Promoted team building and a positive outdoor experience
  • Created video and weekly blogs for the Alberta Wildfire website

What did Thomas most like about this position?

“The uniqueness of the JFR program allowed for each day to be a whole new experience, and all dependent on my co-leader and my project scheduling. This position allowed me freedom, greater confidence and beautiful views."

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