Program Details

Environmental Studies is an interdisciplinary degree, which means that we address environmental issues from multiple diverse perspectives and areas of expertise. Students can choose from two unique degree types:

Bachelor of Arts: for students interested in the social or human aspects of environmental issues, such as government policy, human behaviour, social change, sustainable business practices, and environmental communication. These interests can be pursued through sub concentrations in Business Administration, Economics and Politics, Sociology, and others.

Bachelor of Science: for students interested in the natural sciences and the workings of the natural world as explored in the lab, out in the field, and by using computers. These interests can be pursued through sub concentrations in Biology, Chemistry and Computing Science.

Core Courses

Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts students take a set of core environmental studies and geography courses that give a broad overview of environmental issues and tie the interdisciplinary pieces together. All students in both the B.A. and the B.Sc. programs get a strong grounding in the natural sciences, the social sciences and the humanities, providing graduates with a diverse set of skills.