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Faculty and Staff

A Faculty member from the Social Sciences Faculty is appointed to serve as Faculty Advisor to the SSCI program and for all students enrolled in the SSCI degree. At present Dr. Christopher Peet (Psychology), is serving as the SSCI Faculty Advisor.


Ng, Elim

Program Manager Community Engaged Research P: 780-465-3500
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Braun, Dr. Jennifer

Assistant Professor of Sociology P: 780-465-3500 Ext. 8045

Brosseau, Dr. Danielle

Assistant Professor of Psychology,
Registered Provisional Psychologist
P: 780-465-3500 Ext. 8058
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DeMoor, Dr. Michael

Dean, Faculty of Social Sciences; Associate Professor, Social Philosophy P: 780-465-3500 Ext. 8195
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Kits, Dr. Gerda

Associate Professor, Economics P: 780-465-3500 Ext. 8056
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Long, Dr. David

Professor, Sociology P: 780-465-3500 Ext. 8064
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Looy, Dr. Heather

Professor, Psychology P: 780-465-3500 Ext. 8065 F: 780-465-3534
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Moyer, Dr. Joanne

Associate Professor Environmental Studies and Geography, Director of Environmental Studies P: 780-465-3500 Ext. 8137
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Peet, Dr. Christopher

Professor, Psychology P: 780-465-3500 Ext. 8068
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Sandle, Dr. Mark

Professor, History P: 780-465-3500 Ext. 8103 F: 780-465-3534
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Van Arragon, Dr. William

Associate Professor, History; Dean of Arts P: 780-465-3500 Ext. 8074
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Willson, Dr. Leanne

Associate Professor, Psychology P: 780-465-3500 Ext. 8083 F: 780-465-3534
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Hiemstra, Dr. John

Professor, Political Studies P: 780-465-3500 Ext. 8040
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Spaling, Dr. Harry

Professor Emeritus of Environmental Studies & Geography P: 780-465-3500 Ext. 8003
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    Careers & Graduate Programs

  • Court Working
  • Criminology
  • Elementary and Secondary Teaching
  • International Development
  • Journalism
  • Law Enforcement
  • Marketing
  • Public Policy
  • Public Relations
  • Social Work