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Pre- Accounting

Whether you study here for one year, two years, or for an entire degree, King's is a great place to prepare for future professional studies. Begin your studies in a faith-based environment before continuing your education elsewhere.

The Leder School of Business at The King’s University offers the classes you need to complete the first step in your journey towards your Chartered Professional Accounting (CPA) designation. Our accounting courses can be taken in lieu of many of the CPA Preparatory Courses which are needed prior to entering the CPA Professional Education Program (PEP). By taking these courses at King’s, you will also benefit from learning in a faith-based community with small class sizes, skilled professors, and an interdisciplinary focus. A King’s Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) degree is the right start to help you on your way to becoming a CPA.

All CPAs earn their designation by meeting rigorous standards of education and training. As a part of a profession that is regulated by provincial legislation, CPAs meet high standards of competency and professional conduct.

Canadian CPAs are well-paid professionals who are in demand around the world. They are CEOs, board members, management consultants, and more—and are critical to the success of any business or organization. CPAs play key roles within diverse segments of the economy including industry, public accounting, government, education, and the not-for-profit sector. They offer a strong set of accounting and managerial skills required for today’s complex and evolving environment. CPAs are broad-minded, forward-thinking professionals who undertake appropriate analysis, exercise good judgment, communicate effectively, and act to protect the public interest.

These professional accountants are highly attractive to employers and recruiters for the solid training and expertise that contribute to improved efficiency and growth.


Recommended first degree at King's:

Bachelor of Commerce

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