Visiting students may apply to take any course at King's (one per semester). If the course you wish to take is not listed below, it may have prerequisites and/or other requirements for admission. Please visit for a full list of course offerings and to complete the paper unclassified student registration form.

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Once this date has lapsed all correspondence will be sent to the permanent address you list below.

Permanent Address

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Other Biographical and Citizenship Information

Students who are not Canadian citizens much complete and submit the paper unclassified/visiting student application form.

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Post-Secondary Institutions

If applicable, list the most recent (current) post-secondary institution you have attended.

If your high school was in Alberta or you have previously attended an Alberta post-secondary institution, please provide your Alberta Student Number.

Declaration of Applicant

Read this Declaration carefully before signing. This must be signed by the applicant only. I understand that documents submitted to The King's University become the property of the University and that neither the originals nor copies will be released to me or anyone outside the University. If I am not admitted or do not attend, I understand that the application, transcripts and other supporting documents may be destroyed at the discretion of the Registration and Student Finance. If I wish to reapply, I understand that a new set of documents may be required.

I certify that all statements made in connection with this application are true and complete in all respects, and that no information has been withheld. I understand that falsifying or omitting documents or omitting information on this application will result in immediate and permanent dismissal from King's and the placement of my name on Document Alert, a warning notification list used by Canadian post-secondary institutions. Falsified documents may be referred to appropriate government authorities. The University reserves the right to refuse admission or cancel any admission ruling on medical or other grounds. Completion of this application gives express permission to The King’s University to request from other institutions any applicant transcripts in addition to those already submitted.

I acknowledge that the information on this application is required to determine my eligibility for admission and will be used to contact me regarding King's programs and services. If admitted, it will form part of my student record and will be disclosed to relevant academic and administrative departments. Specific data elements will be disclosed to federal and provincial governments to meet reporting requirements. I agree, if admitted to The King's University, to comply with all rules and regulations of the University.