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4 Playlists to Help You Focus While Studying

Oct 16, 2018

Well it’s that time of the term that everyone dreads…. midterm season! While there are many important things to make for a successful midterm season, one of the most important keys to studying for midterms is a great lineup of music to study with. Since what makes for a good study playlist depends on your personal preferences, I’ve compiled a list of accessible playlists to suit to your needs.

  • Indie/Folk Music:
    My personal favourite type of music to listen to while I’m studying is indie folk music. Most indie folk brings about a very soothing and relaxing atmosphere. I like to pick playlists that I have never listened to before otherwise I get distracted and sing along. But for the most part, this genre of music helps me to focus and release stress. There are many playlists you can find on YouTube by just searching “indie playlists”. I have linked one of my favourites to this title.
  • Classical Music:
    While it’s my personal preference to listen to folk music, classical music is very relaxing as well. Listening to music without words is a wise choice if you enjoy singing along to music you know. Classical music is relaxing and inspiring, so many people find it very useful in helping them concentrate to get their work done.
  • Pop Music:
    It seems strange to see this on here, but some individuals find it helpful to listen to more up beat music to motivate them in studying. It can be helpful to have more fast-paced music to bring about motivation and drive. There is a great study playlist on YouTube that’s a mixture between pop and indie music that I have added a link to.
  • Instrumental Music:
    If you’re anything like me you find it very easy to get distracted while studying by hearing a catchy song you know. If you don’t particularly enjoy indie music, instrumental music may be a good choice for you. If you just need some sort of background noise to keep you working or block out any distractions around you, instrumental is an excellent choice.

There you have it, a list of useful study playlists! Take your pick and decide which one works best for you.

Happy studying and good luck on all your midterms!


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