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Fall I.S. Conference - What Do You Want?

Sep 30, 2016

Hey current and prospective King’s students!

We hope everyone enjoyed our Fall term I.S. Conference on "What's Love Got To Do With It?", and we also hope that Dr. Neal Deroo’s main question during his presentation has had a real effect on the way you think about life. The main question I’m talking about being: "What do you want?"

For those of you who are prospective King’s students, the I.S. Conference is our Interdisciplinary Studies Conference that happens once in the Fall semester and once in the Winter semester every year. We’ve covered various topics, such as the relationship between Evolution and Christianity, the need to take better care of the environment, and the importance of the arts in an individual’s life. But now, back to the action.

It seems like a fairly vague question when you think about it at first: “What do you want?” But Dr. Deroo’s presentation honestly has me contemplating what I truly want out of life. My standard answer used to be something like a house, a steady job, enough money for tea and books, just something simple. But why do I want those things? Some of Dr. Deroo’s points have really stuck with me, and I'd like to pass along this food for thought:

  • Do I idolize my future career and say that things will be better when ‘this’ happens or ‘this?’ Absolutely. There are times when I think of my current situation as a means to an end. Do you ever look forward to something better without enjoying what you currently have?
  • Do I recognize that the things I feel called to do in life can reflect God as well as help others? Honestly, not all the time. I don’t often think of my English degree as something God called me to do, but maybe I need to start thinking of it in different terms. What do you feel God has called you to do in your university degree? Have you listened to him?
  • And finally, I need to realize that God’s work is already being done in the world. Sure there are plenty of terrible things that happen every day, but there is also a lot of good; and I can help contribute to that good, no matter how small my contribution is.

Hopefully you keep these thoughts in the back of your mind as you make your way through the semester, and we hope you look forward to King's next I.S. Conference!

Stay Excellent!


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