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#IChoseKings - Transfer Student

Feb 27, 2017
Gagan Gill (4th year Psychology student) is on the bottom right
Gagan Gill (4th year Psychology student) is on the bottom right

Hey Future King's Students!

To continue with our Open House #IChoseKings series, I chatted with a Transfer Student who decided to make the change and transfer to King's. I interviewed my wonderful friend Gagan Gill, a fellow 4th year Psychology student. If you are considering transfer to King's from a different institution, you should definitely check out Gagan's experience below!

Why did you choose to transfer to King's?

"Great question. I get asked that on a frequent basis actually (hopefully everyone reads this blog and stops asking me). Ummm... well from high school I went straight into the U of A, and decided to study something that I thought would help me become a high paying doctor. After a couple of "grade wake up calls" and very minimal motivation, I wanted to get out and study Psychology. Due to the circumstance of last minute decision making ( I do that a lot... ask my friends), I stumbled upon King's on Apply Alberta and applied. I didn’t know there was a university such as King’s, but all I knew was it was in Edmonton and was a University. I checked for Psychology and just applied. Now I am graduating this year with a Psychology degree."

How did you find the transfer process? Was the process easy or difficult?

"Honestly, it can be frustrating because not all your courses that you took at previous institutions can be transferred over. I found that this is a common theme for a lot of transfer students in a lot of different universities. I guess my advice for that is plead your case, wear really good deodorant and make sure your hair looks slick - you never know who may fall for your charm."

What advice do you have for transfer students applying to King's?

"The advice that I can give you is this:

  1. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  2. When one door closes; I promise you, another door will always open.
  3. Elaboration on above point… There are always options, make sure you know that and make the best choice for you.
  4. Also, King’s is a pretty cool community... You will love it!
  5. Making friends can be difficult sometimes, but just step our of your comfort zone - join clubs and participate in events."

If you are interested in knowing more about requirements for transferring to King's check here. I hope to see you at our Open House, this Saturday, March 4!

All the best!


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