Admission Requirements for Transfer Students and Bible College Transfer Students

Transfer Students

Transfer students can be admitted into King’s with the following:

Transferring Credit

  • A maximum of 60 credits (two years of full-time study) may be transferred into a Bachelor of Arts, Science, Commerce, or Music degree.
  • Courses transferring in a major or minor must have at least a C- grade.
  • Courses transferring as an elective or cognate must have at least a D grade.
  • 18 of the last 30 credits of a degree must be completed at King’s.
  • Students must complete at least 50% of the courses required for their major and minor at King’s.

After the submission of an application and transcripts to King’s, an official assessment will be made. You will receive a document outlining which courses you have taken that will be applied for credit towards your degree at King’s.

  • If you are transferring credits from another Alberta post-secondary institution, you can check the Alberta Transfer Guide for an idea of which courses will transfer to King’s. 
  • If you are transferring credits from out of Alberta or Canada, you will likely need to provide a syllabus for each course you wish to transfer.

See the Transfer Credit section (pg. 22-23) of the Academic Calendar for additional information on transferring courses.

Bible College Transfer Students

Transfer students from a Bible College can be admitted into King’s with the following:

Transferring Credit

King’s will assess transcripts on a course-by-course basis. The following are important considerations:

  • Transfer credit is granted only for courses taken at an institution accredited by the Association for Biblical Higher Education. This list of schools can be found online here.
  • A maximum of 60 credits can be transferred to King’s.
  • 50% of major and minor credits must be completed at King’s.
  • Courses must be relevant to the student’s program requirements at King’s and may be assigned less credit than that granted by the issuing institution.

Considerations in Course Transfer Assessments

Below are the considerations for course transfer assessments.

  • Instructor Qualifications:  Instructors must have an advanced degree in the subject being taught.  A Masters degree is expected for introductory courses; a PhD for upper-level courses.
  • Grades:  Only courses with a minimum of 5 (9-point scale) or C+ in the applicant’s concentration will be considered for transfer.  A 4 (9-point scale) or a C- minimum is required for elective course transfers.
  • Core Courses:  Core requirements in theology must be met by King’s core courses or close equivalents.
  • Course Type:  Courses of a professional nature (e.g., missions, counselling, personal development) or restricted denominational nature will not be transferable.
  • Course Credit:  Courses with 3 or 4 credit hours will transfer as 3-credit courses.  Courses with 2 credit hours may be combined to grant credit (4=3 credits).  Where different disciplines are combined, unassigned credits may be granted.