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Interdisciplinary Studies True or False: What is "I.S."?

Sep 17, 2019

It has officially been 3 weeks since the back to school craze has started. I hope you have had the chance to settle into your classes and get a feel for our campus! Now that the first few weeks of school is done, it’s time to start up another year of the Interdisciplinary Conferences – I.S for short. To give you a bit of an introduction, I’ve prepared some true or false questions about the conference based on our frequently asked questions page! Shall we?

True or False: I.S has to be relevant to my education.
The point of I.S is to allow students to be a part of the conversation on campus whether it is relevant to your degree or not. This is one of King’s unique opportunities for students to be fully engaged in the issues surrounding our world today. Students will be involved in critical thinking, problem solving, and analysis which can be used throughout any degree.

True or False: As part of my assignment for I.S, I will need to do both a discussion and paper section.
This question gets asked often. You have the option to do either when you register for I.S. The I.S FAQ on our website does mention that we strongly recommend students do the discussion for their first conference just because you’ll have extra support of being able to check-in with your assigned advisor!

True or False: Though I have received the required credits, I am still able to attend the conference.
Those who are interested in the conference are more than welcome to challenge their knowledge and tune in to our keynote speakers, even after completing the required 3 credits (or 6 conferences) for graduation.

True or False: I will be able to share the topics that I want to learn more about with the I.S. faculty.
Many of our students have actually came up with the topic for I.S. in the previous years. There is usually a survey that gets sent to your email asking you what you’ve liked about the conference, suggestions you’d make and any topics that would be of interest to you. We also have an I.S. student committee that helps the voices of the student body shine in topics we feel most strongly about. Maybe your topic could be picked next!

True or False: There is an entire page on the King’s website that answers all your frequently asked questions
In fact if you click here, you will be directed to our website telling you all the information you need about I.S.

This concludes our true and false blog about the upcoming I.S. Conference. What topics would you be passionate in engaging in?

Yours Truly,

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