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Virtual Teaching Tips for Education Students

Dec 29, 2020

Hello B.Ed students or students-to-be! One of the interesting concepts we learned in the Bachelor of Education program this year was understanding how to transition to online learning. What’s even more interesting is understanding how to teach distantly! We’ve grappled with this idea all year and have come up with a couple of solutions. Our Education faculty, Education student’s association, and various King’s students have put together some ideas to help each other out in case we need to jump into online teaching. Here are some of my favorites:

Online Teaching Tools 

  • Padlet
    Similar to hanging a poster up in the classroom, students can type, draw, upload or record responses to prompts the teacher posts. This can also be used for presentations and group projects!
  • Thinglink
    You can add images, texts, video clips, recordings and more! This is a tool that allows students to either present a topic or explore more about a topic.
  • Screencastify
    This is a good way to record your screen or with your webcam for any pre-recorded lessons to show during an online class. There are lots of tutorials on how to use it too!
  • PearDeck
    Genius! If you’re looking to make a presentation or powerpoint slide interactive and see if students are answering questions, this is a good tool to keep in mind!

Online Teaching Strategies 

  • Online Back to School Activities
    If you’re looking for some creative ways to teach lessons and want to engage your students, check out a blog that is dedicated to different ways you can foster activities from the comfort of your own home – or classroom!
  • New Teacher Teaching Online!
    If you are looking for some quick tips to navigate remote learning, click the hyperlink on the title to learn 7 essential strategies for teaching online as a new teacher!
  • Virtual Classroom Management
    We just got to love our classroom management fanatics! This is definitely an important concept to learn during online learning because sometimes it’s hard to focus when you’re looking at the screen! In the link, you will get to see so many ways to virtually apply classroom management techniques. These tips will definitely save you!

A huge shoutout to the Education Students Association (EDSA) as well as faculty and King’s students for putting together some ideas that will save new teachers whether we are teaching distantly or not. Some of these ideas are great to keep in your back pocket for when you are looking to bring a lesson to life.

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