Leder School of Business


Established in September 2014, the Leder School of Business is located within The King's University.  Offering a full array of courses and specializations, we prepare students for success in a changing world.

Connor de Groot
Business Graduate 2017
Career Goals: Coffee Industry / Sustainable Businesses.
"I am currently the Director of Operations for a fair trade company called Good Coffee which sources ethical coffee from Burundi and Laos.
I believe that the Business program at King’s is creating future leaders and transformers of the way business is done. The Leder School of Business prompts its students to look beyond the bottom-line and focus on ethical practice that inspires community and compassion."


Our students are a diverse group who enter the business world as leaders - leaders who are prepared to do business differently.  We want you to impact the world.  We have created an environment where students learn to not only do business well, but also do good through business.

We inspire our students to apply their faith to make a difference.


“At the core of the Leder School of Business is the emphasis on Christian values. These we not only nurture and foster within students to help them step into business roles, but we also point to their value in shaping businesses and in benefiting society more generally,” - Business School Dean, Dr. Elden Wiebe.