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Biology Department

Biology studies living organisms and their relationships. It explores the origin, growth, reproduction, structure, function and interrelationships of living organisms, as well as the human stewardship of living and non-living matter.

Students also have exciting opportunities for field and laboratory research. Some Biology courses available include: Genetics, Ecology, Ethology, Zoology and Microbiology

Biology faculty and staff are committed to:

  • teaching biology from a historical and theoretical perspective that emphasizes foundational and ethical commitments.
  • teaching students from the creation and developing in them a stewardship perspective.
  • providing undergraduates with a breadth and quality of relevant course and laboratory work and with the experiences that will enable them to prepare for a life of service.
  • providing opportunities for students to engage in research and scholarly discovery, modelling professional competence and community service.

Christian perspective
The department wants to be certain that all students in this program have fully engaged the central Christian perspective issues surrounding biology. To do so we require students to purchase and read selections from Biology Through the Eyes of Faith (R.T. Wright, 1989. Harper & Row Publishers) beginning in their first year. Each course taught in the biology program addresses an appropriate sub-set of these issues.

Students are exposed to the varied personal expressions of our faculty on these subjects in the course of taking a variety of offerings. In our courses we use a variety of exercises (readings and writing assignments) and disciplines (such as opening classes with scripture reading and prayer) to help students see the importance the faculty places on engaging the spiritual questions raised in this discipline.

All students graduating with a degree in biology are required to take a course in the history and theory of biology. The biology faculty participates each fall in the annual 3-day ecology field trip. Students are immersed in a community experience of seeing the world from a stewardship perspective on these trips.