Dr. Vern Peters

Chair of Biology Department, Associate Professor, Biology P: 780-465-3500 Ext. 8127 F: 780-465-3534
  • PhD, University of Alberta, 2003
  • BSc, University of Manitoba, 1995

Teaching Interests:

Biol 211 – Organisms in their Environment

Biol 330 – Ecology

Biol 340 – Plant Diversity

Biol 395/495 – Biology Seminar

Biol 436 – Conservation Biology

Biol 438 – Plant Ecology

Research Interests:
Fire Ecology of Endangered 5 –Needle Pines

Using fire severity measurements, and microsite data for regenerating seedlings, we are investigating the use of prescribed fire as a management tool for restoring whitebark and limber pine populations in high elevation ecosystems.

Restoration Ecology of Limber Pine

We are engaged in implementing recovery plan actions using community-based restoration initiatives that use field and greenhouse approaches to involve university students, high schools, and church communities in tree-planting efforts.

Current Research Projects

  • Fire severity and 5-needle pine regeneration
  • Reproductive ecology of limber pine and seed predator dynamics
  • Seedling establishment and growth in restoration plantings
  • Greenhouse-based germination and survivorship experiments

Selected Publications
Peters, V.S.  2014.  Are Northern Limber Pine Populations Seed or Substrate Limited? Nutcracker Notes 26: 12-14.

Peters, V.S. 2012.  Limber pine seed mutualisms:  between the devil and the deep blue sea, Nutcracker Notes:  22:11–13. 

Peters, V.S., and Gelderman, M. 2011.  High cone years give limber pine “the edge,” Nutcracker Notes.  21:  12–13.

Peters, V.S., and Vandervalk, L.  2009.  Cone predation of limber pine by red squirrels. Nutcracker Notes.  17:10-12.

Professional Affiliations
Associate Professor, The Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies, MI, USA

Adjunct Professor, The University of Alberta     

Scientific Reviewer, Provincial and Federal Recovery Plans for Whitebark and Limber Pine