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Off-Campus Study Programs

Consider continuing your biology studies off-campus. The programs listed below have close ties with King's because our faculty and students have participated in them in the past. See your faculty advisor or Dr. Wood for more information. 

Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies

The King's University is a participating university in the Au Sable Institute, a field station offering college-level courses, particularly in different aspects of field biology. The institute has two campus facilities - Great Lakes Campus in the north woods of Michigan's Lower Peninsula, and at Smith Prairie on Whidbey Island, north of Seattle, Washington. It also runs programs in tropical biology in Florida, east Africa, and south India. The Institute offers courses from mid-May through mid-August each year. Students may register for Au Sable courses through the University at a tuition rate of $1,100 (CDN) per course. Room and board fees for the Institute amount to approximately $185 per week. Students interested in the program should see the entries for the program and limitations under Au Sable Institute in the King's Calendar.

Creation Care Study Program (CCSP)

CCSP offers a semester of adventure to Biblically-minded students, who want the challenge of caring for people and caring for God's earth. Experience community in motion by travelling with a group of students for four months through the South Pacific (New Zealand and Samoa) or to Belize, Central America.

Required courses: (3 credits each)
· God and Nature (Theology 3XX)
· Introduction to Sustainable Development (GEOG 3XX)
· Ecosystems of the Tropics (BIOL 3XX)

Elective courses: (3 credits each)
· Cultural Anthropology
· Introduction to Latin American Studies
· Internship (2-4 credits)

Program in Belize
In addition to studying Creation care, the community life at Nabitunich in Western Belize is an important part of the semester. Nabitunich is built on the site of a Mayan ruin and has stunning views of a nearby Mayan temple towering above the rainforest. In a short walk, you could be exploring tropical rainforest or swimming in the Mopan river. There are opportunities while studying with CCSP for independent travel around Belize, Guatemala (11 km down the road) or to other Central American countries.

Program in the South Pacific - New Zealand and Samoa
A central part of the program is living in community at Orama Christian Center on Great Barrier Island. Orama is nestled in its own private bay surrounded by native forest, yet close to the community of Okiwi and only two- hours ferry ride to Auckland--the gateway to New Zealand. While Orama is CCSP's home base, students travel to other parts of New Zealand. Students also spend several weeks studying Creation care on the Polynesian island of Samoa. There are also opportunities for independent travel around New Zealand or the South Pacific when you are studying with CCSP.