Bachelor of Commerce at the Leder School of Business

Emerging social and environmental concerns require tomorrow’s business leaders to find forward-thinking solutions. At King's, you'll get the knowledge you need to navigate the contemporary world of business, but you'll also gain perspective to creatively tackle present and future challenges without compromising your core beliefs.

Inside this program

Business For A Better World

Make your mark on the world. Harness business fundamentals while integrating courage, compassion, and hope. Incorporate social and environmental considerations as you strive to do business well.

Build Practical New Competencies

Applied topics such as statistical analysis, commercial law, and business simulation will help you grow and develop as a business professional.

Apply Business Expertise To Real-World Challenges

Put learning into practice with internships, business case competitions, and global travel opportunities. Apply business best practices and social entrepreneurship to helping non-profits deliver their services sustainably and with excellence.

Consider Specializing Within Your Degree

Choose the well-rounded approach offered in our general B.Com. program, or consider specializing with a concentration in accounting, information systemsnon-profit and social entrepreneurship, small business and entrepreneurship, or sports & recreation management.

Outside the classroom

Students at the Leder School of Business are active in the community. As a business student at King's, you'll have the chance to participate in consulting projects, internships, case competitions, networking events, mentorships and more.

Study Abroad

King's is passionate about preparing business students for careers in a globalized world. Cross-cultural experiences such as the Netherlands Study Tour and Asia Study Experience get students out into the world making connections and gaining insights.


Work in industry to gain first-hand knowledge and skills. Business students participate in a four-month internship to apply their learning experience real-world team environments.

Leder Business Association (LBA)

The LBA, is a student-led group that plans events and opportunities for business students to connect with one-another and network with the local business community. LBA also organizes and hosts King's annual career fair.

Research Profiles

Kim, H. D. (2019). "Determinants of Organizational Commitment in Emerging Market: Korean Expatriates in India." European Journal of Economics and Business Studies, 5(1): 116-125.

This study examined expatriates’ organizational commitment by focusing on how willingness to accept an international assignment, training for an international assignment, expatriate empowerment, perceived organizational support, and demographic variables in order to predict the Korean expatriates’ organizational commitment in India.

Kim, H.D., & Tung, R. L. "The Effect of Boundaryless Career Attitude on Intention to Leave: the Case of Korean Expatriates in India"

This study seeks to address the predictors of expatriates’ intention to leave the organization and to examine how boundaryless career attitude affects the intention under various situations based on a questionnaire survey of 82 Korean expatriate managers in India.

Kim, H. D., & Kamalanabhan, T. J. (2020). "Task Performance of Expatriates Based on Emissary Model of Global Human Resource Strategy." Management and Labour Studies, 45(4): 1-16

This survey study examined predictors of the task performance of Korean expatriates in India, while considering their globalization status. Task performance was significantly influenced by opportunities for career development and satisfaction of global human resource management practices.

Bruyn James, "Are you waiting to feel qualified to lead?", Biblical Leadership, April 27, 2023.

Have you every asked yourself, "Who am I Lord, that you are asking me to lead this?" If you have, you are in the company of many godly leaders throughout history.

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