Study Politics, History & Economics at King's

Do you have a passion for the big issues facing our world today? Want to work with others to find changes and make things better? The Politics, History & Economics (PHE) program at King's is a unique interdisciplinary degree that prepares students for life and careers in law, policy, and the public sphere.

Inside this program

Wrestle With Hot Topics

It's important to engage in good conversations about war, peace, human rights, and individual freedoms. As a PHE student, you will learn roles that different actors— government, non-profits, business, media, schools, and the church—each can play in human flourishing.

Focus On Applying Learning And Theory To Real Life Situations

Dig deeper into concerns and challenges facing our local, national, and global communities. Explore how we arrived at where we are today and possible actions and changes that could  bring healing and justice to more people.

Study Three Disciplines In One Degree

Why? Each discipline provides expertise relevant to participation in the public sphere and society at large. Together, a study of politics, history, and economics equips students to apply a broad range of thinking and tools to complex and ever-changing situations.

Off-Campus Opportunities


PHE students are encouraged and assisted to participate in internships during their studies where possible. Internships count toward the number of courses needed to graduate and offer valuable work experience and networking opportunities.

Laurentian Leadership Centre

King's students are offered special placement into the Laurentian Leadership Centre (LLC) in Ottawa, Ontario through Trinity Western University. The program combines a half-time internship with courses in leadership, public policy, and more. Previous students of LLC have interned with the Prime Minister’s Office, members of parliament, senators, minister offices, and NGOs. Students may take the program as a student, or as a graduate, of The King’s University.

Research Profiles

Hiemstra, John L. "Worldviews in the Air: The Struggle to Create a Pluralist Broadcasting System in the Netherlands." University Press of America, 1997.

The contemporary Dutch broadcasting system is impossible to categorize according to standard models of broadcasting systems. It crosses the boundaries of public and private, non-profit and for-profit, neutral and value-laden, and secular and religious. This book explains the origins of this unequivocally unique pluralistic system.

Ferrer, Hector A., et al., editors. "Seeking Stillness or The Sound of Wings: Scholarly and Artistic Comment on Art, Truth, and Society in Honour of Lambert Zuidervaart." Wipf and Stock, 2021.

Seeking Stillness or The Sound of Wings pays tribute to Lambert Zuidervaart, one of the most productive Reformational philosophers of the present generation, by picking up the central concerns of his philosophical work—art, truth, and society—and working with the legacy of his published concern to see what more can be understood about our world in light of that legacy.

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