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PHE at King's

King's offers a 4-year Bachelor of Arts in Politics-History-Economics (PHE) as well as related concentrations in the ENVS Economics and Politics stream, 3 and 4-year Bachelor of Arts in History programs, and minors in all three disciplines. 

The Politics-History-Economics (PHE) major is an especially interdisciplinary program unique to The King's University and is well regarded nationally. The program prepares students for faithful service in the public sphere. PHE cultivates a creative approach to tackling political and societal issues and gives students opportunities to think outside the box when it comes to political theories and policy formation.

Quite simply, life in the public sphere requires an integrated knowledge of all three disciplines. The result is a program that helps you comprehensively understand and create change in local, national, and international policies and political systems. At the same time, it engages in the theory and underlying assumptions that lie at the root of every political system.

In addition to a better understanding of contemporary public life, PHE equips students to live out their faith in service of their neighbours. It is also excellent pre-professional preparation for further studies in LawEducation, or graduate studies.

"The flexibility of the program and the courses allowed me to focus on development issues in Sub-Saharan Africa, which definitely came in handy when what I had learned in class and in books came to life during a six-month CIDA internship in The Gambia.

The PHE degree and its broad interdisciplinary nature was a springboard into further work and education opportunities that will prove to be invaluable in training me for work on the international stage. Further, the PHE course-work, faculty, and broader King's environment, taught me about the intrinsic call to social justice within the Christian life, and challenged me to work for Shalom in our economic and political systems in this often broken world.”

Lisa DeMoor, Graduate