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PHE at King's

The PHE major is an interdisciplinary program that prepares students for service in the public sphere. If you are interested in politics, public service, social justice, economic policy, journalism, international development, business, or social service, this may be the program for you! The PHE program is also an excellent foundation for further study in law, education, and a wide variety of graduate programs.

Why study three disciplines in one degree? We believe that an understanding of public life requires an integrated knowledge of all three areas:

Politics brings its understanding of power relations in society, the ideas and structures that shape them, and the role of government in resolving them. It looks at how ideologies, institutions, and convictions contribute to greater or lesser justice in the fabric of public life.

History helps us understand the origins and causes of contemporary public issues. It allows us to understand the roots of western and world civilizations, how cultures are formed, the manner in which powerful economic and political actors shape public life, and the ideological and religious forces shaping our times.

Economics helps us understand the powerful drive exerted on society and its institutions by economic ideas. It studies how we steward the resources and ecosystems given to us for the public good, and how economic policies affect individual and societal choices.

The result is a unique, interdisciplinary perspective on public life – local, national, and international.

The 4-year Bachelor of Arts in Politics-History-Economics (PHE) provides an opportunity for students to immerse themselves in this perspective and prepare themselves for service in the public sphere. The PHE program is also excellent pre-professional preparation for further studies in Law or Education.

King's also offers a concentration in Economics and Politics in the 4-year Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies, 3- and 4-year Bachelor of Arts degrees in History, and minors in all three disciplines. 

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