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Everything You Need to Know About Applying to Rez

Jun 03, 2016

Hey Future Students!

Now is about the time when you want to start thinking about your living arrangements for next year! If you're like me when I was going into my first year, I was in the middle of sorting through the Residence Application and feeling kind of overwhelmed and intimidated because it would determine what my first year at university would be like. Lucky for you, I can give you some advice and share with you the most important things you should know about this application so you can finish it stress-free!

1. First Year Guarantee

Here at King’s, if you apply to Residence and pay your deposit before June 15, you are guaranteed to a Tower Room (double occupancy). This means that there is no need to worry about where you will live if you finish your application on time!

2. Living Habits

The application will ask you some basic questions about your living style, sleeping habits, and more in order to pair you with a roommate (or roommates) who has similar ideas about what you want your room to be like and will give you the greatest likelihood for roommate success! Some of these questions are what type of music do you listen to, what time do you like going to bed on weekdays or weekends, are you a generally neat and tidy person, do you want your room to be a sanctuary or a place of social activity... and more. So be honest on the application so that you get the best possible match!

3. Roommate Selection

If you know someone also applying for Residence, you can request to be placed with that person. So long as that other person also requests you in their application and barring any unforeseen conflicts, you will most likely get paired together.

4. Getting Along

In the first couple weeks of living together, you and your roommate(s) will complete a Roommate Agreement where you will decide on what hours should be quiet time, study time, etc. Basically you will talk about any issues that might come up over the course of the year and you will both agree on how you want to handle those situations. If you have any problems, you can always refer back to this agreement, and if that doesn’t work, your RAs and Residence Life Coordinator can help mediate and resolve a conflict.

5. Residence Options

  1. Tower Room – this is a great option, especially in your first year. You will most likely only have one other roommate, you get your own ensuite bathroom to share between the two of you, and you purchase a meal plan through Choices Cafe so you don’t have to cook for yourself. (Tip: if you think you might go home for weekends or you don’t think you are a really big eater, choose the Limited Meal Plan. You can always add a little more money to your meal card if it's running low, but if you don’t use it all at by the end of the year you lose it.)
  2. Tower Suites – Great for second year students, you get a little more space with a common area and kitchenette. Plus you purchase a smaller meal plan so you can have the option of cooking for yourself or eating at the caf: a great way to ease into cooking for yourself and living on your own.
  3. Apartments – Perfect if you want more independence, you will live with 5 people and each have your own bedroom. Just across the street from King’s, you are slightly removed from campus and don’t have to purchase any meal plan, so you will be cooking completely for yourself.

6. Frequently Asked Questions

We have a very detailed Rez FAQ page - if my above points didn't answer your questions, check out the Rez FAQ webpage and you'll be sure to find an answer!

I really hope this helps you navigate the application, but remember: if you have any questions you are more than welcome to contact Admissions or the Residence Life Coordinator to help you sort it all out. 

If you haven’t yet started you Rez Application, click here and get started! 



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