Tower Rooms

The Tower Residence is a former hotel building, conveniently located in the center of the King's campus. There are two types of accommodations in the Tower: Tower Rooms and Tower Suites.

The Tower Rooms are for first-year students, located on floors four to eight of the Tower. Typically, rooms are double occupancy; however, there may be triple occupancy rooms available if demand is high. In total, there is room for 106 students in the Tower Rooms. 

The First Year Guarantee applies to Tower Double Rooms.

Room details

Each Tower Room (double occupancy) is equipped with:

2 twin beds
2 wardrobes
2 half-sized bookshelves
2 desks
En-suite bathroom
Free Wi-Fi
Laundry facilities (available on floors five and six)

There are no kitchens in the Tower Rooms; therefore, students are required to buy a Pre-Paid Food Plan through our nationally recognized Choices Café. Please see below for more information.

Lounge Areas

5:01 media lounge 
The perfect place to watch the game or movies with friends. The lounge features comfortable seating and a big screen TV equipped with Netflix, Blu-ray, and cable access.

6:01 lounge 
A comfy kitchen, dinning, and living room space where Residence Assistants organize a variety of social events during the week. There's always something happening in 6:01, whether students are baking cookies, playing board games, or hanging around the fireplace.

7:01 study lounge  
This space is perfectly designed to help students escape during paper and exam season. The study lounge is open 24/7 and is equipped with ample seating, a beverage station, and printing facilities.


2017-2018 costs
Single occupancy (8 months, based on availability): $7,400/year
Double occupancy (8 months): $3,700/year
Triple occupancy (8 months, based on availability): $2,775/year

Residence deposit
A $500 Residence Deposit (non-refundable) is required to complete the Residence Application. This deposit can be paid through a variety of methods.

Pre-paid food plan
Basic: $3,544/year
Limited: $3,090/year

Unused money transfers from the Fall semester to the Winter semester. At the end of the academic year, unspent money will not be refunded to the student. Students are encouraged to purchase the limited food plan. If students run out of money, additional money can be added to the plan in $75 increments.