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Living Off-Campus: Fun Commuter Events

Oct 24, 2019

Last blog we had talked about different kinds of events that happen in residence. In today’s blog we get to talk about all of the exciting things that happen on campus for our commuters – FAQ style!

Our website has a page that informs you about all of our regular events that happen on-campus for commuter students. This includes monthly breakfasts, weekly coffee, dinner, and more!

So what are some frequently asked questions about commuter events?

Can we recommend other events?
For sure! In fact, some of our student leaders on the commuter program team encourage students to think of other events that they can host for us. All you have to do is find our Student Engagement Coordinator, Witty, or discuss your ideas with anyone who is on the commuter team! 

I heard that there are special events that are hosted throughout campus. Where can I find more information on this?
Right on our website: here! If you thought our commuter program stopped at regular events, you are in for a treat because there are a bunch of special highlighted events that happen throughout the year, from a Harry Potter event to a Bollywood night! 

I would love to attend all of the events, but I am a mature student. Can I still go to these events?
Absolutely! Our engagement coordinator, Witty, actually hosts a mature student drop-in as well! Come hang out in her office in room A116, which is just through the Level Coffee House. This gives students a chance to connect with who they want to connect with.

 How can I keep up with any event reminders or new information?
Current students should be receiving a weekly email with event reminders, including commuter events! You can also keep up-to-date and share posts in the Commuter feed of our Yapp app. Just download Yapp on your iOS or Android, choose “Add existing Yapp”, and enter the code KINGSU to access it.

What is the point of all these events?
Besides creating community, these events help break the ice and help students transition from wherever they are coming from, whether they transferred from another school, haven’t been in school for a while or simply want an excuse to get away from the school stress.   

If you have any more questions, feel free to email us at or leave a comment below! Catch you in the next blog!

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