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Living on Campus: Fun Residence Events

Oct 22, 2019

I lived in residence for the first two years of my degree at King’s and it was an incredible experience. Residence always has a ton of events happening throughout the year to help develop community and bring fun! I’m going to give a rundown of some of the big events that happen on residence every year:

Nightly 601 Coordinating
In the tower there is a hangout space in Room 601. Every evening a residence assistant (RA) will open up 601 for some sort of programming. It can range anywhere from pizza making, to board game nights, to chilling and doing homework. 601 is a great way to get to know other residence students and hangout in a relaxed atmosphere.

Progressive Suppers
This is an event that happens a few times throughout the year. Students are invited to sign up to cook and share some food with other residence students throughout the apartments.

Sock Wars
This is an event that has been a tradition every year. Students in residence are all given a name of another student in residence and they have to hit them with a clean sock. But everyday there are safety items so you can’t be hit in the game. The last person standing wins!

Cooking to Share
This isn’t necessarily a set event, but RAs on each floor have a budget for students to be able to cook and share a meal or dessert with other students. Students can then be reimbursed for food costs. This is to encourage students to get to know each other, especially in the apartments where it’s easy to just hang out with your roommates.

Floor Events
Every RA on each floor is also given a budget to have a floor event every year. In the past I’ve seen RAs take their floor to the movies, plays, and for slushies - the possibilities are endless! This past year my RA ordered a bunch of food and then had our whole floor over to her apartment.

Rez Rumble
This is an event at the end of every year where tower and apartment floors compete in a series of games to win prizes and the final championship. Prizes in the past have been great, they have even given out grocery store gift cards!

Residence Banquet
At the end of the year there is also a residence banquet where all residence students get fancy and come to the level for photos, food and to hangout. It’s a great opportunity to take some nice photos with your friends and laugh about memories from the year.

Painting the Stairwell
At the end of the year, every residence student gets the chance to permanently leave their mark on campus. If you have ever been in the stairwells in either the tower or apartments you’ll see they are marked with names and paintings. It’s a great way to bond with your roommate(s) for one of the last times during the year and leave your mark.

This is just a brief snapshot into what some of the residence events look like throughout the year. Living in residence is a great experience and I would highly recommend every student to try it at least once. There’s always something happening and it’s a great way to get to know new people and make lasting friendships!


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