Residence Living

Living in any of our three great residence options instantly plugs students into community. Residence is more than just a room to sleep and study in. It’s a place where students make lasting friendships, get involved in campus events, and experience support and companionship throughout their time at King’s. Residence is also really affordable. Explore your options!

Why live in residence?

It's convenient: When you live in residence, classes are five minutes away. The longest part of your commute is a 15-second elevator ride or a walk across the street. Since two of our residence areas are attached to the main campus, you could wear flip flops and shorts to class--even in winter. It's the most convenient option for easy access to classes, campus, and friends.

It's all-inclusive: The hassles and extra fees are taken care of! Utility and internet bills are handled by us. Parking is free, and there are no damage deposits or unexpected bills at the end of the month.

It's proven you'll do better in school: It's a fact that students learn better and get higher grades when they feel like part of the academic community. It’s easy to talk about assignments outside of class in residence. You're also steps away from writing and academic support, the library, and peer support.

It's independent: King's makes it easy to gain a new level of independence by living in residence.

The food's great: Food is one less thing you need to worry about. If you aren’t interested in grocery shopping, menu planning, cooking, and washing dishes, we have dining services staff who do that for you! Learn more about meal plans and dining services.

There's nothing quite like it: Residence students are part of a community from day one. You meet lots of new people and make friends before you know it. You'll see those friendly faces in the halls, in class, and at meals.

There's lots going on: Students in residence have access to game nights, movies, Bible studies, study parties, and student lounges. There's also residence-specific events planned for the whole residence community, Eagles athletics home games, Student Association events, and student clubs.

It's safe: Living on campus gives you the benefits of independent living but with a safety net if you need it. We have student and professional staff available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to address your concerns or questions. Campus security is always working to make sure campus is safe and secure.