Residence Living

Living in residence instantly plugs students into community. Residence is more than just a room to sleep and study in. It’s a place where students make lasting friendships, get involved in campus events, and experience support throughout their time at King’s.

Three great options to choose from!

Why live in residence?

Convenience: When you live in residence, your classes are only five minutes away. The longest part of your commute is a 15-second elevator ride or a quick walk across the street. You can wake up 10 minutes before class and still be on time. Since the tower residence is attached to the main campus, tower residents never have to worry about putting on winter clothes when they leave to go to class. In fact, tower residents can get away with wearing flip flops and shorts to class in the middle of winter.

Academics: Studies show that students living in residence have higher grades and are more likely to graduate. This is because students learn better when they feel like they are part of the academic community. In residence, it’s easy to discuss coursework outside of class or to arrange a time to work on group projects.

Community: Residents make friends and connections quickly! Students in residence have access to activities such as game nights, group movies, and Bible studies, and access to a variety of student lounges and kitchens. 

Money: Often, living on campus is more affordable than living off campus. In residence, students only need to pay for their room and board. Amenities such as electricity, heating, and internet are provided. Further, students don’t need to worry about a vehicle or paying for gas.

Live independently: Students gain new levels of independence by living in residence. At King’s, the residence program is designed to ease students into independent living. Living closely with new people creates an amazing, unique community and is a great place to learn new life skills.

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