Students in their apartment

Located just across the street from the main campus, the Apartments are intentionally designed to meet the needs of students in more senior years of study. Each unit houses six residents and includes six individual rooms furnished with built-in storage, shelving, and a large desk and workstation. 

Each apartment also includes a fully furnished living room, dining space, two large washrooms, and a fully equipped kitchen with large counters, plenty of cupboard space, and stool seating. Apartment residents can also buy a food card from the cafeteria in $75 increments. Take a look at the breakdown of residence costs

Laundry is located on each floor and a newly renovated study and media lounge is on the ground level.

Private bedrooms and large common areas make for a great combo between living by yourself and group living!

Apartment Details

Six fully furnished private bedrooms
Two large bathrooms bathrooms
Fully equipped kitchen
Spacious living and dining area
Free Wi-Fi
Laundry facilities (located on each floor)

Apartment Lounge

This newly renovated lounge features a large TV, comfy coaches, cable, printing facilities, and cozy study areas. The space is great for residence events, watching the biggest shows and games of the year, and is great if you're looking for a change of pace from the common areas in your apartment.