Tower Rooms

Your new friends are just hop across the hall, or a flight of stairs away!

The large, spacious rooms of King's Tower Residence are conveniently located at the centre of campus. This means your classes are just minutes away from where you live, work, and play. With three lounges, modern laundry facilities, and fully furnished dorms with private washrooms, the Tower residence is the perfect place to begin your adventure at King's and away from home.

Tower Rooms are generally reserved for first-year students and are located on floors four to eight of the Tower. Rooms are generally double occupancy however, some triple occupancy rooms may become available if demand is high. First year students who apply for Residence and pay their residence deposit by June 15 are guaranteed a room (double occupancy). Take a look at the breakdown of residence costs

Fact: Before King's purchased the property in 1989, the Tower Residence was part of a hotel complex - thus it boasts of some of the largest dorm rooms in the city!


Tower Room Features (double occupancy)

2 twin beds
2 wardrobes
2 half-sized bookshelves
2 desks with chairs
En-suite bathroom
Free Wi-Fi
Laundry facilities (available on floors five and six)

Lounge Areas

5:01 Media Lounge
With comfortable tiered seating, dim lighting and black out curtains, 7.2 surround sound, and a large TV, the Media Lounge is the perfect place to watch a movie with friends, sports, or Netflix.

6:01 Kitchen Lounge 
Whether baking cookies, playing board games or just hanging out, there is always something happening in 6:01. This lounge comes with a fully equipped kitchen, dinning space, gas fire place, and living room.

7:01 Study Lounge  
A perfectly designed space for students to escape to during paper and exam season. The study lounge is open 24/7 and is equipped with ample seating, a beverage station, and printing facilities.