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Mar 31, 2017

Hello to all the future and current King’s students out there – I have something exciting to share with you! The King’s webpage just recently got a brand new addition to all it already has to offer – a page about the amazing research that King’s professors are working hard on (or were working hard on)! Professors here at King’s are passionate about what they do, and this is reflected in the work that they do!

Here were some of the featured projects that I found to be the most exciting!

  1. Religion in Canadian Classrooms: Sorry to non-Education students who can’t wait to be done with the classroom, but as someone who is working towards becoming a teacher, I find this to be very interesting! This work was done by Education prof Dr. Margie Patrick. While the results haven’t been released yet, I am definitely looking forward to learning about how religion is being addressed in Canadian classrooms.
  2. Sand Grains in Infinity: Humanity and Inhumanity in WW2: I love history, so I also find this to be interesting. Also not published yet, this work of History prof Dr. Mark Sandle will approach WWII from the perspective of the people who experienced it.
  3. Ancient Spirituality at Work: I will admit, when I first read this title I was not interested because I thought it was about ancient spirituality (which to me sounds dry and not very exciting), but it is actually about how spirituality impacts and enhances businesses and workplaces. I think it is so interesting to hear how people incorporate faith (which is generally considered a private/personal matter) into their public lives to make a difference in the world. This research was done by Dr. Elden Wiebe, the Dean of the Leder School of Business.

The website has much much more about the work of professors at King’s so be sure to check it out! For future King’s students – read up on the work that your potential professors are up to! It will help you learn about who they are and maybe even score you some brownie points if you can bring it up in your first class!

This research highlights some of the amazing people that we have the opportunity to learn from; ask any King’s student and I am sure they would agree – we have the best professors here at King’s!



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