Abigael Nsonga

B.Ed Elementary ‘22

I want to become the enticing, inspiring, energetic, confident, loving, black teacher I wish…

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Anjalee Wijewardane

B.Sc. Chemistry ‘22

The Chemistry department at King’s is very tight-knit. I have been able to form close…

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Joy Pruden


My experience at King's was life giving during a very vulnerable time in my life. Although…

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Travis Chabot

B.Ed. Secondary '22

I chose King's because I wanted to learn in a school where my faith and relationship with…

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Allan Nelson

B.Mus. Performer's Certificate

I was a little hesitant about attending a Christian institution, but quickly learned that…

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Kalley Lasola

B.Sc. Computing Science ‘21

One day I walked into King's after seeing it while driving down 50th street, and was instantly…

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Rachel Boone

B.A. English ‘21

After visiting King's only once, I knew it was where I wanted to pursue my post-secondary…

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Catherine-Esther Cowie

Entrepreneur and Artist

I chose King’s for the willingness and opportunity to grapple with how my faith fits…

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Desernique Ricketts

B.Sc. Biology '21

To be honest, I didn’t even know about King’s at first. I had admission to another…

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Dr. Richard Vaudry

Emeritus Professor, History

Andrew Fernando Holmes was one of the most important physician-scientists in early 19th century…

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Juliana Middel

B.Ed. Secondary ‘22

The Education Program at King's does not only teach you how to teach students; the professors…

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Luke Greidanus

B.Sc. Chemistry and Micah Certificate ‘21

This past year and a half I became really involved with The Micah Centre. I was part of the…

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Ryleigh VanderSchee

B.Sc. Biology '20

During the summer between my 3rd and 4th year at King’s, I worked as a research assistant…

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Taylor Noble

B.A. English '18

When I started at King’s I had no idea where I was going to end up; my career path seemed…

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Danielle Irwin

B.A. History and Kinesiology '21

I didn’t exactly choose King’s, King’s chose me! I was getting ready to…

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Nathan Flim

Distillery Owner

I found that the Chemistry program at King’s was the perfect blend of analytic and soft…

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Chanelle Porter

Junior High Teacher

Being a student at King's gave me the opportunity to grow academically, establish myself in…

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Dr. Harry Spaling

Emeritus Professor, Environmental Studies & Geography

The need for food security among households in Africa is becoming increasingly important under…

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Katie Hehn

B.Ed. '21

I initially considered King’s because of the opportunity to play soccer. When I came…

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Lucile Maniraguha

B.Comm. '20

Business at King’s gives students such a unique perspective on the world of business.…

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Emma Woolner

Virology Research Technician

My liberal arts education at King's prepared me for more than just sitting in classrooms memorizing…

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Dr. Joshua Harris

Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Together with other researchers on the Theology, Science, and Knowledge project, I am working…

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Zayal Sirdar

Graduate Student - Utrecht University

I am currently living in the Netherlands pursuing a Masters in Organizational Behaviour and…

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Joel Vederas

B.A. Politics, History & Economics '20

I was born and raised in Edmonton. I knew I wanted to stay in Edmonton throughout university…

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Dr. Chris Peet

Professor of Psychology

Practicing Transcendence, a book I wrote encompassing my research, discusses a way of situating…

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Amanda Nakano

B.A. Psychology '20

I never saw myself going to university, let alone excelling in it and loving higher education.…

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Malik Mate

B.A. Social Sciences '20

My time at King’s has taught me that each issue in our society is more complex than…

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Brianna Geddert

B.A. English '21

Coming out of high school I had everything planned perfectly. I would live at home, attend…

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Dr. Gerda Kits

Associate Professor of Economics

My research is focused on decolonizing the present-day economics curriculum. Essentially,…

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Kyla Dykema

Elementary Teacher

The neighbourhood that my school is located in means the majority of my students come into…

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Kaiden Aceron

B.A. Sociology '22

Attending King’s had been my plan for years. It was always been my goal to be a high…

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Dr. Caroline Lieffers

Assistant Professor of History

How were people disabled in the course of American expansion - through wars, conflict and…

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Dr. Jeffrey Dudiak

Professor of Philosophy

My previous research projects have centred around “truth”, culminating in a book…

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Dr. Vern Peters

Professor of Biology

It has long been known that stress has a negative marked effect on the body. Stress can be…

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Lisa DeMoor

Privy Council Office

From the marble steps of the Alberta Legislature to the Canadian Prime Minister's Office,…

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Matthew Zantingh

Professor of Canadian and American Literature

Following graduation from King's in 2008 I was eager to continue learning about literature…

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Sydney Streu

B.A. English '22

I decided to pursue a degree in English and Math as I want to pursue a career in education.…

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Bianca Dublois

B.Ed. Elementary Education '21

Having achieved my undergraduate degree from King’s, completing my after-degree in education…

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Olejuru Anozie

Graduate Student - Columbia University

I recently graduated from the Psychology program with a minor in Biology and am currently…

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Rae Madge

B.A. Sociology '21

I chose to pursue a sociology degree because I believe that understanding society helps develop…

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Dr. David Long

Professor of Sociology

For the past 27 years, I have involved King’s students in a wide variety of Community…

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Dr. Mark Sandle

Professor of History

The book that I am currently working on explores human experiences during the Second World…

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Anna Boesenkool

B.A. Philosophy '20

I am beginning a PhD in Philosophy in September 2020. King's has certainly paved the way for…

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Dr. Christa Aubrey


I came to King's to play volleyball, but I truly found faith and God in class - particularly…

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Dr. Robert Greidanus

Medical Missionary and Family Physician

I came to King's in 1987, probably because most of the people I knew came to King's. This…

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Ludivine Maniraguha

B.A. Psychology '20

My favorite part about being a student at King’s is the holistic approach King’s…

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Jesse Edgington

Northern Alberta Diaconal Conference

Following my time at King's, I initially went into working with animal services at both the…

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Tyler Shannon

B.Sc. Environmental Studies '18

I was privileged enough to complete my Environmental Studies internship working for the City…

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Jessica Moorhead

B.Sc. Environmental Studies '20

I had the privilege of completing my Environmental Studies internship as a Field Biologist…

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Dr. Peter Mahaffy

Professor of Chemistry

Air quality matters! Globally, 7 million premature deaths each year result from air pollution…

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Keltie Mac Kenzie

Canadian Heritage Program Advisor

After graduating from both the history and education programs at King’s, I began working…

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Trixie Ling

Canadian Mental Health Association - Project Manager

While a student in the Politics-History-Economics (PHE) program at King's, I had the incredible…

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Karambir Singh

B.Sc. Environmental Studies '18

While studying in the Environmental Studies program with a concentration in biology, I took…

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Paul Wilson

Climate Change Coordinator

Since completing my program at King's, I has been hard at work in the world of policy and…

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Carla Stolte

Art Specialist and Community Activist

Author and Theologian Howard Thurman once said, “Don’t ask what the world…

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Kathryn Binnema

B.Sc. Environmental Studies '17

Located 175 km southeast off the coast of mainland Nova Scotia, I was privileged enough to…

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Dr. John Hiemstra

Professor of Political Studies

Is there a true divide between public (secular) and private (religious) schools and should…

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Dr. Gerda Kits

Ecological Economics Approach to Analyzing Alberta’s Bitumen Industry

Competing claims about the economic, social, and environmental impacts of bitumen projects…

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Dr. Elden Wiebe

Ancient Spirituality at Work

Our spiritual lives matter, and they should not stop mattering when we go to work. The new…

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Dr. Peter Mahaffy

Reorienting Chemistry Education

I have co-authored an article titled "Reorienting chemistry education through systems thinking"…

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Lauren Kroetsch

B.Sc. Biology and Kinesiology '22

King’s immediately left a lasting impression on me, I felt at home from the moment I…

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Dr. Charles Stolte

Four Blake Seasons

On March 18, 2017, I was privileged enough to premier Four Blake Seasons in The King’s…

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Dr. Neal DeRoo

Spiritual Expression

What are the philosophical implications and presuppositions of the claim “everything…

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Dr. Darcy Visscher

An Ecosystem Approach to the Beaver Hills

I have been conducting research in the Beaver Hills that spans a range of topics uncovering…

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Reza Naimi

B.A. Sociology

I chose Sociology because I am interested in understanding social life and the ways in which…

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Fallon Haswell

Alberta Health Services

I remember the first day I walked into King's Open House. I felt at home. Sitting in on a…

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Dr. Joanne Moyer

How Faith Communities Engage Environmental Sustainability in Canada

The current state of the globe’s social-ecological systems present multiple challenges,…

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Dr. Will Van Arragon

Mapping the Histories of Edmonton’s River Valley

How did Edmonton’s River Valley become the largest urban park system in North America?…

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Anne Macleod

Wildlife Biologist

As a Wildlife Biologist for Environmental Dynamic Incorporated (EDI), a typical work day can…

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Dr. Elden Wiebe

Managers’ Use of Time to Frame Organizational Change

Time is a fundamental context within which we do our work, coordinate activities, and achieve…

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Elyse Abma

Masters of Public History

I am currently pursuing a Masters of Art in Public History at the University of Victoria because…

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Dr. Margie Patrick

Religion in Canadian Classrooms

In a previous career, I served as a high school social studies teacher; a subject in which,…

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Dr. Joachim Segger

Le Passage du Temps

January 2017, saw the world premiere of Le Passage du Temps composed by Jacobus Kloppers,…

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Dr. Kris Ooms

Back Pain and Spinal Disc Tissue Degeneration

Back pain is one of the most common chronic conditions in western society.  While pain…

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