Student Association

Student Association Logo

The King's University Students' Association is an organization governed by students, for students. That means that every King's student is considered part of the Students’ Association.

From clubs, to advocacy, to student spaces and services such as The Level Coffee House, it's our job to make sure the needs of students are being addressed. 

King's Students' Association is its own organization; acting within The King's University, yet maintaining independence from the institution. In other words we're an independent organization committed to serving and representing King's students.

Our Events

The King's University Students’ Association hosts many events throughout the school year so that there is always something fun happening on campus. 

Some of our larger events during the school year include:

  • SA Kickoff
  • Open Mic
  • Christmas Event
  • Valentines Roses'n Chocolates
  • Battle of the Bands


As the official voice of King's Students, the Student Association works to make your voice heard and your opinions known. They also maintain communication with the student body. If you have any questions or concerns, they are there to help.

Advocacy efforts in progress

  • Transit Services
  • Sustainable Tuition Model
  • Program Transferability