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The King's University Students' Association is an organization governed by students, for students. That means that every King's student is considered part of the Students’ Association.

From clubs, to advocacy, to student spaces and services such as The Level Coffee House, it's our job to make sure the needs of students are being addressed. 

King's Students' Association is its own organization; acting within The King's University, yet maintaining independence from the institution. In other words we're an independent organization committed to serving and representing King's students.

Our Events

The King's University Students’ Association hosts many events throughout the school year so that there is always something fun happening on campus. 

Some of our larger events during the school year include:

  • SA Kickoff
  • Open Mic
  • Christmas Event
  • Valentines Roses'n Chocolates
  • Battle of the Bands

Student Health Plan

Let’s face it, health and dental coverage can seem complicated. That's why we've tried to make it just as simple as possible. Learn exactly how the Student's Association Health and Dental plan benefits you.

Do you already have healthcare coverage under a separate plan? Not to worry, unlike many student healthcare plans, we've made it quick and easy to opt out if you already have coverage. Learn more about the TKUSA Health Plan.


The Level Coffee House

The Level Coffee House is the on-campus coffee shop at The King's University. Nestled in the far corner of campus, The Level Coffee House provides a cozy atmosphere to grab a hot beverage and chat with a friend, or curl up with the reading for a class.

In addition to great coffee and cozy study spaces, the Level is home to Open Mic nights, guest lectures, worship evenings and more.

Do you like free coffee? Well, who doesn't! Through our "Talk is Cheap" program, students have the opportunity to meet with their professors over free coffee.

Come on in, we're open...
Monday - Friday: 8am - 5pm


As the official voice of King's Students, the Student Association works to make your voice heard and your opinions known. They also maintain communication with the student body. If you have any questions or concerns, they are there to help.

Advocacy efforts in progress

  • Transit Services
  • Sustainable Tuition Model
  • Program Tranferability

Student Association Clubs

University shouldn't be all work and no play. King's student's association coordinates and funds a variety of academic, activist, and interest-based clubs, there's something for everyone. Learn how you can join or start your own club, and easily access all club forms.

Everyone has the opportunity to start a club at The King's University. Simply fill in the clubs application and you'll be on your way to starting a brand new club that all students can enjoy. View full club list here.

Some of our clubs include:

Refresh Worship Night

The purpose of Refresh Worship Night is to bring students together for a time of praise and fellowship. Refresh Worship Night is held once a week with 30 minutes of worship follwed by 30 minutes of fellowship. The club is intended to impact the wider King’s community by giving students another opportunity to worship God.

King’s Music Student Connect

The King’s Music Student Connect club benefits members of the choir and the music department. This club offers community among music discipline and music enthusiast.

King’s Historical Society

History can be fun - we can show you how. This club provides opportunities for those intrigued by history to connect with it through museum tours, movie nights, historical events in the city, or casual gatherings involving food. The goal is to provide a non-intimidating, casual, and enjoyable environment regardless of whether you're a history buff or someone who just finds the past fascinating.

King's Helping Hands

This club has worked for years to create opportunities for busy King's students to come together and serve the greater Edmonton and Global communities in many different ways. Join us as we serve the Ronald Mcdonald House, Operational Christmas Child, the Mustard Seed and other non-profits working to make life better for others.

The Eagles Dance Team

An all-inclusive, competing dance team incorporating all styles of dance! Even if you have no experience. Try something new! Join this club and wear Eagles blue!

Zumba Club

Be active and have fun! Zumba is a great way to hangout with friends and meet new ones. It's easy to get stuck behind a desk with homework and assignments - this club offers a way to build active breaks and balance into your week.

Young Offender’s Ministry

Serve and show God’s love to the members at the Young Offenders Center by leading sports and spiritual programs. As a community here at Kings, Y.O.M. believes in the value of reaching out to teens who may be disenfranchised and discouraged at the Young Offenders Centre.

King’s Black Students' Union

The mandate of this club is to address the needs and interests of Black people at King's while creating a safe space for all interested students irrespective of race, culture or creed to gather. The club seeks to offer social, political and economic resources for its members and King's community regarding issues facing the black community.

Super Awesome Games Evening (SAGE)

Do you enjoy games? We're sure the answer is yes! This club offers a way for students to recharge with peers and de-stress throughout the school year.


SPEAK (Sexuality, Pride, and Equality Alliance at King's) is a student-led initiative providing resources and safe, comfortable support spaces for LGBTQ+ identifying students. SPEAK has opportunities for students to be both members and leaders. It's a place to create relationships, listen, share, and experience the stories of others.