Our Events

The King's University Students’ Association hosts many events throughout the school year so that there is always something fun happening on campus. Here are some highlights of what you may expect throughout the year:

Fall Kickoff

Start the year off right and have a chance to meet new friends and connect with old friends. This event is typically run during the first week of school and often includes food, entertainment and maybe event an obstacle course. All you have to do is show up! It is free for King’s students.

Thursday Nights at The Level

Looking for a place to happen with friends during the week? We have events and activities each Thursday night in the Level hosted by a variety of different student-led groups such as wellness, ministry, residence, commuters, international, indigenous and from the student’s association. From painting, puppies, movies and games to event kick offs and ice-cream socials, there is something for everyone. Come and check it out!

Holidays and celebrations

The SA and Student Life work together to make sure we have something fun to mark special days throughout the year. Watch for fun, activities, games and usually some fun treats and food over Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter.

Winter Kickoff

The start of the new semester brings new faces to campus and great way to reconnect after the Christmas break. This event changes from year to year but look for a great night out with new friends.

Battle of the Bands

The stakes are high(ish) at King's annual Battle of the Bands competition. Take in King's largest light show as our top student bands battle it out in front of an expert panel of judges for amazing prizes and glory. It is also our last big celebration before the end of the school year and takes place in early April.