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Student Leadership and Staff Team
Student Leadership and Staff Team

Be a Student Leader with King's Student Life Team

Being involved with Student Leadership is a wonderful way to serve your fellow students and King’s campus. Student Leaders have unique opportunities to lead their peers through the ebbs and flows of university life. You will also have opportunities to develop great relationships and develop interpersonal and leadership skills. If you identify with some of the qualities listed below, you might be a great fit for a student leadership position.

You might make a great student leader if you agree with the following:

  • You think it's important to create a sense of community for our commuter students.
  • You would like the opportunity to come alongside fellow students living in residence.
  • You have a heart for international students.
  • You want to foster a support space for indigenous students.
  • You would love to be a part of someone's spiritual formation and journey.
  • You have a passion for planning worship services.
  • You want to be a part of creating a campus environment of well-being for all.
  • You would enjoy supporting students to succeed academically.

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