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Tips for Getting Involved On Campus

Sep 01, 2016

Hey everyone!

King’s is well-known for the great atmosphere and community that develops throughout students’ time here. It is totally worth it to put the time into getting connected on campus because it will make your university experience much more memorable and enjoyable. In addition to providing support for students in an academic sense, King's also places a high emphasis on co-curricular activities. There are lots of ways to get connected with King's community, but it can sometimes be hard to know where to start when you’re in a new place. Here are my suggestions for some of the best ways to get involved on campus:

1. Clubs

There are clubs of all kinds here at King’s: outdoors club, hockey club, coffee club, board games clubs Pilates club, swing dancing club, you name it! Visit the SA Clubs Fair in September to check out some of the different clubs on campus. If you want, you can even apply to start your own club!

2. Students' Association

As a first year, if you are interested in being a leader and having a voice, you can run for First Year Representative. This is definitely a great experience to grow and also meet some new people throughout your campaign and on the SA.

3. Ambassador Program

If you love King’s and love free things, join the Ambassador program! By volunteering your time to help with campus events, you will welcome visitors on campus and be the face of King's! Plus you can earn rewards and automatically be connected with a great group of people.

4. Worship 8:57

Every Wednesday at 8:57 p.m., there is a student-led worship evening. Attending 8:57 is great because you can worship God in a more informal sending, get a break from homework, meet with other like-minded students and maybe connect with people that you might not get a chance to during class or otherwise.

5. Small Group Studies

Each year student leaders organize Bible studies, book studies and small groups that you can join. Like 8:57, these are also a great way to get connected with people that you might not otherwise get a chance to talk to.

6. Honduras Water Project

Anyone who participates in this comes back with great feedback about the incredible experience it was. Course credits, travel and a diverse group of people makes for a truly one-of-a-kind experience.

7. Write for the Chronicle/Ballyhoo

This is an exciting experience that will let you practice and develop your writing skills. Plus, it’s fun and you get to express your creative side. The King's Chronicle is our campus newspaper. With a mixture of op-ed, news, reviews, fiction, poetry, satire, comics and more, The Chronicle is a fixture in student life at King's. Ballyhoo is the annual creative arts publication of The King's University featuring creative writing and visual art contributed by students, staff, faculty and alumni.

8. Student Leadership

As a student leader you can get involved at King’s in a number of ways. Most significantly I think, you will help out with Orientation and get a chance to meet all of the new students who are coming to King’s! Some of the student leader positions are Residence Assistants, Ministry Assistants, Worship Assistants and Commuter Assistants.

9. Work On Campus

I definitely recommend this: you get to make money and gain work experience, but you also get the chance to meet new people and experience an aspect of King’s besides being a student.

10. Be an Eagle

Everyone knows that being part of an athletics team means that you have instant friends - plus you stay active and prevent the dreaded "freshman 15." Join one of our four ACAC level teams: Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer or Badminton.

Now you have a chance to actually try these suggestions – make most of your university years and don't be afraid to get involved!



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