Moving In

King's provides a list of essentials to pack to make moving in to residence an easy transition.


Packing lists 
These lists give a few suggestions for what students may want to bring with them on move in day. We also suggest you coordinate some items with your roommate.

Tower packing list
Tower suite packing list
Apartment packing list

Some items are prohibited in residence. These can be found in the Residence Community Living Standards document.

Residence documents and agreements
King’s strives to be a place that models Christian character and embodies values such as respect, trust, cooperation and honesty. The following documents form a standard of conduct that uphold these values:

Residence Community Living Standards
Student Handbook
Sample Residence Agreement (sign the document online)

All Residence students are required to complete a roommate agreement at the beginning of each term. Paper copies are provided at the first floor meeting of the semester. Throughout the year, roommates should review the document to ensure that agreements are being upheld.

Tower Roommate Agreement
Suite Roommate Agreement
Apartment Roommate Agreement