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The Chronicle
The Chronicle is the official student newspaper of The King's University. With a mixture of op-ed, news, reviews, fiction, poetry, satire, comics, and more, The Chronicle is a fixture in student life at King's.

Are you interested in writing for the Chronicle? Want to be a photographer for campus events? Have a great idea for a comic? It's easy to contribute to the Chronicle. Send an email to for more information.

Ballyhoo is the annual creative arts publication of The King's University featuring creative writing, visual art, and an online audio component. Students, staff, faculty, and alumni contribute to Ballyhoo each year. Keep an eye out on campus for submission, ordering, and publication deadlines.

You can see highlights from the 2017-2018 issue of Ballyhoo by visiting the King's Fine Arts website.

Want to know what's happening with Ballyhoo? Have a question? Want to send in a submission? Here's how to stay connected:

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Steven by the Sea - Renae Van Wyk