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Faculty and Staff

King's I.Sci program draws from all faculty in the departments of Biology, Kinesiology, Chemistry, Math, Physics, Computing Science and Psychology. For specific questions about Interdisciplinary Science at King's, please contact Dr. Rem Kooistra, Interdisciplinary Science Director.

Interdisciplinary Science Faculty and Staff

Bouchard, Joey

Sessional Instructor, Kinesiology P: 780-465-3500
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Brosseau, Dr. Danielle

Assistant Professor of Psychology,
Registered Psychologist
P: 825-901-0479
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Janzen, Dr. Michael

Assistant Professor, Computing Science P: 825-901-0979
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Kits, Dr. Gerda

Associate Professor, Economics P: 825-901-0476
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Kooistra, Dr. Remkes

Assistant Professor, Mathematics and Director of Interdisciplinary Science P: 780-465-8325
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Looy, Dr. Heather

Professor, Psychology P: 780-465-8365
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MacDonald, Dr. Robert

Sessional Lecturer, Physics P: 780-465-3500 Ext. 8210
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Mahaffy, Dr. Peter

Professor, Chemistry P: 780-465-8343
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Manocha, Catherine

Laboratory Coordinator P: 780-465-8329
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Martin, Dr. Brian

Professor Emeritus, Mathematics & Physics
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Martin-Visscher, Dr. Leah

Associate Professor, Chemistry P: 825-901-4920
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Ooms, Dr. Kristopher

Vice President Academic, Chemistry Professor P: 780-465-8382
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Ooms, Martine

Laboratory Coordinator P: 825-901-2001
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Peet, Dr. Christopher

Professor, Psychology P: 780-465-8368
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Peters, Dr. Vern

Professor, Biology P: 825-901-2997
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Prior, Dr. Heather

Associate Professor, Biology P: 780-465-8371
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Tappenden, Dr. Andrew

Dean of Natural Science; Associate Professor, Computing Science P: 780-465-8327
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VanderSchee, Dr. Cassidy

Assistant Professor, Chemistry P: 780-465-8369

Visscher, Dr. Darcy

Associate Professor, Biology P: 825-901-1008
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Willson, Dr. Leanne

Associate Professor, Psychology P: 825-901-0502
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Wolmarans, Dr. Annerieke

Assistant Professor, Biology P: 780-465-8372
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    Careers & Graduate Programs

  • Athletic Therapy
  • Health and Wellness Education
  • Kinesiology
  • Laboratory Technicians
  • Medicine
  • Mental Health Counselling
  • Pharmacy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Science Teaching