Dr. Harry Spaling

Professor Emeritus of Environmental Studies & Geography

P: 780-465-3500 Ext. 8003
  • PhD, Geography – rural resource analysis, University of Guelph, 1994
  • M.E. Des. Environmental Science, University of Calgary, 1980
  • B.E.S. Environmental Studies & Geography, University of Waterloo, 1977


Harry is passionate about caring for creation and serving the poor, especially in Africa, and instilling this same passion in students through his teaching and research. After seven years as a community agriculturist and country director in Sierra Leone for World Renew Canada, he completed a Ph.D. in geography, specializing in rural resource evaluation, and joined The King’s University in Edmonton, Alberta as its founding Director of Environmental Studies. He has held various positions at King's but always comes back to his passion for teaching creation-care and practicing it through applied research in African communities.

Read more below and see his Curriculum Vitae.


Research interests

  • Advancing next-generation strategic environmental assessment in Kenya.
  • Participation and learning for sustainable resource-based livelihoods in Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Community-based environmental assessment of local development projects in Africa (e.g., water supply, food security, community forests, wildlife conservancies).
  • African creation wisdom as an indigenous eco-theology.


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The King's University appointments

  • Vice-President Academic July 1, 2006 – June 30, 2011
  • Director of Environmental Studies August 1, 1995 – June 30, 2001, and June 1, 2015 - present
  • Assistant, Associate & Full Professor of Geography & Environmental Studies August 1995 - present
  • Adjunct Faculty: Natural Resources Institute, University of Manitoba, 2009-present

Other appointments

World Renew Canada:

  • Country Director (Sierra Leone) 1984-88
  • Agriculturist (Sierra Leone) 1982-84