Commitment to Reconciliation

As a community we will be open to seeking a good way forward with our Aboriginal sisters and brothers. We will advocate for justice and dignity for residential school survivors.

We will speak out against racism, marginalization and systemic injustices faced by all Indigenous peoples.

We will strive to make our campus a hospitable place of training for social transformation, where all are welcome, where each one’s gift is celebrated, and each person’s life is respected as a sacred response to the Creator’s life in us all.

Specifically, we commit to:

  • Humbly listening to and learning from Indigenous community members and leaders who so graciously share their guidance with us.
  • Working to make King's a welcoming, accessible and hospitable place for Indigenous students, staff and faculty.
  • Equipping our learning community to understand the ongoing legacy of settler colonialism, and our responsibility to help set things right.
  • Supporting our staff and faculty to discern how, in their professional roles, they can contribute to transformed and just relationships.
  • Working for just, renewed, and reconciled relationships between peoples and between people and the land, and advocating against ongoing white supremacy and systemic racism.