Dr. Wendy Stienstra

Associate Professor, Education P: 780-465-3500 Ext. 8167 F: 780-465-3534
  • PhD Educational Studies, Lakehead University
  • MEd Educational Administration, Lakehead University
  • Teaching Certification (Secondary), Calvin College
  • BA Mathematics, Dordt College

My area of specialization is mathematics education. I am interested in the nature of mathematical understanding and the impact of teaching/learning strategies. My PhD dissertation examines the development of mathematical understanding in elementary teacher candidates as they progress through a constructivist-oriented or reform-based remedial mathematics course. Using video taped interviews and problem solving sessions over time, as well as pencil and paper assessments, I focused on the learning continuum, or landscape, that reflects the conceptual development of mathematical understanding (and misunderstandings) in the areas of division, rational numbers, and ratio and proportion.

I began my career teaching high school mathematics and have now returned to that first love as I help pre-service teachers develop the pedagogical content knowledge necessary to teach mathematics. In between these bookends I have had a range of experiences from teaching elementary school to working with adults with developmental disabilities. Throughout it all I have come to value the uniqueness and creativity of each student as well as the patterns of creation and its Creator.

Courses I Teach

  • Educ/Math - 281 Mathematics for Elementary and Middle School Teachers
  • Educ 303 - The Philosophy and Design of Curriculum Planning
  • Educ 307 - Issues and Methods in Elementary Mathematics Teaching
  • Educ 320 - Curriculum and Instruction in Secondary Mathematics and Sciences I
  • Educ 420 - Curriculum and Intstruction in Secondary Mathematics and Sciences II
  • Elementary and Secondary Practicum Supervision (Educ 351, 353, 451, 453)