Dr. Margie Patrick

Associate Professor, Education

P: 825-901-0533
  • PhD Religious Studies, University of Waterloo
  • MA Religion, Culture and Ethics, Trinity Western University
  • Teaching Certificate (Secondary), Simon Fraser University
  • BA Political Science & History, Calvin College


Margie resisted the call of teaching for a number of years, preferring instead to dream of becoming Canada’s Prime Minister. That was not to be, for as she became more self-reflective, she realized her character did not match the job. Instead, those years prepared her for being a teacher. She travelled throughout Central America, learning how the various civil wars in the region impacted the lives of families and communities. As a result, she became involved in Canadian organizations advocating for the civil and human rights of Central Americans in their home countries as well as in Canada. Margie also worked for Citizens for Public Justice–B.C. on a grant to address particular Aboriginal justice issues.

These experiences led her to recognize how important teachers are in shaping young peoples’ attitudes about the world. Margie obtained her teaching certificate and taught high school social studies for 12 years. She hopes that she contributed to a hunger for justice among her students and a hope that we can re-imagine the world and it can be other than it is if we take seriously the biblical mandates to love God and our neighbours.  

Now she prepares future teachers, and two of her courses are about how to teach social studies. The fact that in her heart she is, and always will be, a social studies teacher is evident in her other courses because she believes the messy, diverse, intriguing society in which we live is the context in which we all teach, and no part of education can be studied in isolation from its reality.

Research interests

  • How religious pluralism is addressed in Canadian social studies curricula
  • Religious education
  • Teaching controversial issues in high school


EDUC 251 - Introduction to Teaching
EDUC 303 - The Philosophy and Design of Curriculum Planning
EDUC 310 - Strategies for Teaching and Learning in Secondary Education        
EDUC 330 - Curriculum and Instruction in Secondary English Language Arts, Social Studies, Physical Education and Fine Arts I
EDUC 353 - Secondary Practicum I
EDUC 410 - Classroom Management
EDUC 430 - Curriculum and Instruction in Secondary English Language Arts, Social Studies, Physical Education and Fine Arts II
EDUC 453 - Secondary Practicum II


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Other contributions

Book review:
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Broadcast interview:
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Non-Refereed article:
2011. “Three takes on Marci McDonald’s The Armageddon Factor in The Ecumenist, 48 (4), 9-14.

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