Residence Costs

2018-2019 Costs
Costs are per term unless otherwise noted. Subject to availability.

Tower Rooms
There are no kitchens in the Tower Rooms. Students are required to purchase a pre-paid food plan through our cafeteria.

Single Occupancy $3,800
Double Occupancy $1,900
Triple Occupancy $1,320
Basic meal plan $1,820
Limited meal plan $1,585

Tower Suites
All suites come equipped with kitchenettes. Students are required to purchase a small pre-paid food plan through our cafeteria.

Tower Suite Occupancy $1,740
Tower Suite Plan $257.50

All apartments come equipped with full kitchens. Student's may still purchase a supplementary meal plan if desired.

Apartment Occupancy $2,040
Basic plan $1,820
Limited plan $1,585
Custom pre-paid plan $75 increments

Residence Deposit:
 A $500 Residence Deposit (non-refundable) is required to complete the Residence Application. This deposit can be paid through a variety of methods.

Unused money transfers from the fall semester to the winter semester. At the end of the academic year, unspent money will not be refunded to the student. Tower and Suite residents are encouraged to purchase the limited food plan. If students run out of money, additional money can be added to the plan in $75 increments.